Zuckerberg believes that making a Facebook phone would be a mistake

The founder and CEO of Facebook has denied Tuesday that the social network is envisaged to create a mobile phone. “It would not be a good strategy” ruled Marck Zuckerberg at a technology conference in San Francisco. The social network prefers to focus on building “an integrated system that is compatible with any mobile device.”Zuckerberg believes that making a Facebook phone would be a mistake, Zuckerberg facebook phone facebook

On the collapse of the shares of Facebook , Zuckerberg acknowledged that the devaluation of the titles has been “disappointing”and is committed to making money in the future. Since the shares went public with a starting price of $ 38, the negative trend was coming to drop below the $ 20 barrier.

On the eve of the expected launch of iPhone 5, Zuckerberg says that Facebook is a company focused on the business of mobile devices and in the development of this sector is part of the company’s future. “We will make more money with mobile business than that with computers “, in reference to the advertising market that caters to the social network. Despite this statement, the CEO again denied that Facebook is raised to create a mobile phone.

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