Workplace Drug Testing

The topic of workplace drug testing has proven controversial over the years. While people are entitled to do as they please in their spare time, what if the effects of those pursuits carry over into their time on the job? Or what if they are indulging in substance use while on the clock? When does a company’s concerns cross over into a violation of a worker’s personal privacy? There is a fine line between each party’s views that can be difficult to navigate.

Workplace Drug Testing,

Companies are understandably worried about the safety of both their employees and members of the public who come into contact with those workers. For example, a truck driver doing his job while drunk has the potential to crash his vehicle. This could injure or kill innocent people, leading to both potential legal issues and loss of company assets (the vehicle and its contents).

Most firms have a set list of policies regarding what is and what is not appropriate conduct in the workplace; these rules almost always include warnings about substance use and working while under the influence.

The vast majority of workers adhere faithfully to those rules, but some don’t, either by accident or very much on purpose. Because of this, some companies use a drug and alcohol test to monitor whether employees are following the guidelines. A few firms do this in-house, but many use a third-party company for the task. This helps to ensure that all of the appropriate rules are followed and there can be no accusations of bias in the results.

If you need workplace drug testing, here are some questions to ask the companies performing such tests:

  • What are your testing procedures?
  • How accurate are your tests?
  • How often should the tests occur?
  • How long do the tests take to perform?

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