Unemployment in UK takes a further dip after the 2012 London Olympics

The iconic Olympic flame might have moved on from London and is well on its way to Rio, where it will make its next grand appearance in 4 years time. But it seems to have lit up the lives of several people, even if it might be on a temporary basis.

Apart from all the interest it has generated, the media frenzy and the influx of infrastructure and increase in tourists, the games seem to have brought down the unemployment number in UK as well.

Unemployment in UK takes a further dip after the 2012 London Olympics,

Dubbed by some as the Social Olympics, this seems to have been more of a Corporate Olympics event — as it brought in new jobs for many in the London area, as unemployment among Brits fell to its lowest level in nearly a year in the three months.

The Euro Zone crisis and the shrinking economy has had many fearing the worst in months to come and experts in the economy sector still feel that this a temporary boom which will soon vanish away and that will subsequently see a raise in unemployment levels. But the London 2012 effect saw 5,900 people who stopped claiming the jobless benefit in the month of July and that number might hit 6000 in August. But those close to the sector feel that the economic troubles that started in 2011 and continue to plague most of Europe will see this current upswing die down pretty fast.

With no major improvement in the economy on a broader scale, the London 2012 games were just a tiny unusual blip and as the effect of the games dies down and normality restores, things seem to be only heading towards the worse. Add to that growing inflation that is swiftly beating the average earnings of Brits and tough times are predicted in the coming year of two.

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