Top 5 most dangerous sports:


When entertainment is combined with recreation, vitality and rejuvenation it’s called sports. So are you a sports fan with an athletic bug that is too craved to be calmed down? Does sit not let you sit with ease?

Then go and lift your spirits up. Try out as many sports that you love and as many as you can try out, just  be extra careful when you go with some of the following as they may not look but are terrifyingly the most dangerous sports ever:

  1. So the first on our list comes out to be cave diving. Low light, freezing temperature, limited oxygen and some animals dwelling in the cave may all be along your way when you opt for this sport.
  2. Base jumping seconds our list. This sport is dangerous enough to be compared to an attempted suicide. This illegal sport makes you vulnerable to all kinds of physical injuries. If you survive, you be the king and if give way, you rest in peace.
  3. Let’s put bull riding on the third position. If you’re in a mood for breaking your jaw, knee cap, ribs (especially, when the angry bull steps all over you), you may want to go for the sport. Mr. Bull only with a few jolts may bring you to ground.
  4. So the fourth position is occupied by: cheer leading. Wondering why? Take a look at the stunts they perform. Lifting each other up in the air or performing a jump all by themselves with great calculations. What if they miss one of their calculations landing in a slapdash manner? So obvious, they would “break a leg”.
  5. The fifth most dangerous sport is: football. How come? ER cases report that majority of the patients come with football injury. Of course the injury is that of the lower limb. Most of the people suffer with a broken toe.

So folks, next time you show any of your muscle power in the field, don’t forget to be super cautious about all the sports mentioned above.

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