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Afghanistan: U.S. military head’s plane hit by a rocket

Fortunately for him, and for the prestige of the United States, he slept in another place at the time of the attack. The plane’s number one U.S. military was hit to the ground by a rocket in the night of Monday to Tuesday at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. This attack has two minor injuries among U.S. soldiers.


Afghanistan: U.S. military heads plane hit by a rocket, us military NATO General Dempsey
Two rockets in total were fired overnight on the vast Bagram Airfield, the largest military air base in the country. Bursts caused by one of the shots hit the door of the C-17 General Dempsey, said Dave Lapan, a spokesman. Damage to the unit led the Chief of Staff of the U.S. military to use another plane to leave Afghanistan in mid-day, after a two-day visit. Attacks of this kind have killed 40 people

This year the rocket rebel military bases of NATO in Afghanistan are quite common , including at Bagram, but they are rarely victims or serious damage, according to the international force of NATO in Afghanistan (ISAF) led by the Americans. “There is no indication that the attack was for this particular aircraft,” said a spokesman for ISAF, explaining that nothing distinguished the plane of General Dempsey other C-17 present with him on the tarmac . The general arrived Sunday in Afghanistan for talks amid concern in the face of the proliferation Isaf attacks against Western soldiers. Attacks of this type has been occurring almost daily since last week. About 40 people have been killed and this year in the ranks of the ISAF, 300 men in total have been lost. Western military coalition that ousted the Taliban from power in late 2001, has been supporting the Kabul government and its security forces against the rebellion triggered by the same Taliban.