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Portuguese workers pay 7% more Social Security

The Portuguese Government has decided to extend the austerity of all workers, not just public servants and pensioners, but also the private sector.

Specifically, from 2013, the Portuguese workers suffer a wage cut of 7%, through an increase in their Social Security contributions, rising from the current 11% to 18%.

In return, companies will benefit from a decrease in the single social tax (TSU), ie will reduced its contribution to Social Security, which will drop from the current 23.75% to 18% per employee.

This was announced tonight by the Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said in a statement.Portuguese workers pay 7% more Social Security, social security Portuguese workers Pedro Passos Coelho
Conservative leader announced his proposal stating that it is a “fair contribution, an all out effort for a common goal.”
With this measure, the Government of Lisbon wants to “lower labor costs and increase incentives to growth and unemployment”, which in the words of Passos Coelho has to be slowed “dramatically” because it reached “unsustainable levels” above 15%.
In the Budget this year, the Executive included as containment measure cutting two extra payments to all public servants and retirees who should win at least a thousand euros a month. Subsequently, the Constitutional Court rejected the measure as unfair because the affected all Portuguese workers. Based on this argument, Passos Coelho has decided to extend the austerity also to the private sector.
In the public sector, rather than eliminate two extra payments, public servants will lose one and the other will be distributed throughout the twelve months of the year. In return, they also suffer the 7% increase in the contribution to Social Security.
For retirees and pensioners , the court held the two extra payments (one from the 600 euros per month and from the two thousand per month) for the time to maintain the foreign aid program.
“The financial emergency is not yet over and the problems are still unresolved,” said Pedro Passos Coelho before announcing new austerity measures.
Portuguese Prime Minister also highlighted the “remarkable patience and effort” of the Portuguese over the past year and a half, in which according to the head of the government in Lisbon, Portugal “has regained the reputation abroad”, which is manifested in the decline in interest in the last auctions of government debt.

Impact of a proposed union of doctors

Should we stop to reimburse patients when they consult doctors practicing exorbitant rates? It is, in any case, that advocates UMESPE (National Union of Medical Specialists Confederate), the largest union of medical specialists Liberals. This proposal shock is launched just days before the opening of negotiations – which should begin Sept. 5 – between unions, health insurance and supplementary health on how to reduce the “excess fees”, these Medical pricing far exceeding the amount determined by the social security system. 

Impact of a proposed union of doctors, union social security doctors

Up to ten times the price of the Social Security

The union has in its sights the “300 physicians stars”, including 150 engaged in public hospitals, which are often very heavy hand. “They charge up to ten times the price of the Social Security! So you must tell them: You return to acceptable levels of fees, or leave the system of national solidarity , “says Dr. Jean-François Rey, President of the UMESPE. The problem is that this sanction would sanction equally challenged doctors and their patients, since they would no longer be reimbursed. “An insured can be treated without necessarily going through these practitioners there,” replies Dr. Rey. Even take the risk of cutting the flower of French medicine? “Do not tell me they may go abroad: in France there are doctors who work known worldwide on safe costs,” concludes Jean-François Rey.