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Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo formalized candidacy

It was a secret buffoon. The Socialist Anne Hidalgo should formalize his candidacy for mayor of Paris Wednesday, told AFP the entourage of the first Deputy Bertrand Delanoë . For months, the mayor of Paris, who will not seek a third term, has repeatedly assured that she was his candidate.

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo formalized candidacy , Paris François Fillon Anne Hidalgo

A survey commissioned by the Ifop Journal du Dimanche can already make the Parisian left very optimistic. According to the study, 54% of respondents indicated that there would be “more likely” that they vote in the second round for a list PS / EELV led by Anne Hidalgo, against 46% for the UMP led by François Fillon. The list on the left prevail against all potential candidates of the right ‘s advance list of PS led by Anne Hidalgo appears in the first round, since it would get 36% of the vote against a list of UMP or UMP supported by and conducted by François Fillon (33%). She would get 39% if the list of the opposition was led by Rachida Dati (26%) and 37% if the list of the UMP or supported by the UMP was led by Jean-Louis Borloo (29%).