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Windows 7 surpasses XP as the operating system used in computers

With Windows 8 just around the corner , Windows 7 has overtaken the desktop version of Windows XP as operating system used in the month of August, well ahead of Vista. The market share of Windows 7 stands at 42.76% and advances by a few tenths to 42.52% of XP.

Windows 7 surpasses XP as the operating system used in computers, XP Windows 7 operating systems

Apple is still far behind Microsoft in terms of operating systems. The last three versions of the Mac operating system, Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, among all, hairs outweigh the market share of Windows Vista, which is in third place in the ranking prepared by the consulting NetMarketShare , with a 6.15% of the market share.

Yes, for the first time during the month of August, has overcome Mac OS to Windows Vista , since these three versions add up to 6.24% of the market share.

Of the three versions of the Mac operating system, highlights the growth of the past, Mac OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain , available since late July, which recorded a 1.41% market share a month after its launch , just a few points behind the 2.45 percent of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which remains the most widely used desktop version for Mac

Behind the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS, sits the Linux operating system, which recorded a rate of 1.10, and stays behind Mountain Lion. Windows 7 has exceeded for the first time as Windows XP desktop system used, although the arrival on the market of the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, scheduled for October 26, could end this leadership.

The preliminary version of Windows 8, which already have some systems, sneaks into the graph, with a very restricted still, 0, 23%. Microsoft has also announced that the price of upgrading to Windows 8 Pro will retail for $ 39.99 in the downloaded version via the Internet or a price of $ 15 more in the DVD version.

The arrival of the new interface of Windows 8, Metro, has aroused the first criticism of the latest Microsoft operating system, which incorporates a novel aspect but only run programs designed for it, which could make it harder to hit the public.