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Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?

Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?, tele communication technology medicine living standards improved gadgets

With the advent of 21st century, technology has promptly advanced in every possible field. Whether it is medicine, tele-communication, education or gadgets, technology up gradation has affected us all.

It is impossible for me to recall the exact size of computers, although I can easily recall the latest, tiniest tablet PC in market. This is what technology is all about; connecting people globally, fitting PCs into your pockets and allowing you to control lights via your smart phone.

About 20 years back, few understood the word cell phone and fewer actually owned it. Today, few people live without it. No more it is a luxury; cell phones have become an obligation and an inevitable piece of metal to us.

Trade and business sector is booming with profits, mortal and incurable diseases are eradicated from the world, emergencies and natural calamities are being tackled successfully; all because of what? Only, technological advancements!

Tiresome calculations and lengthy data entry is now computers’ job not ours. This has not only reduced labor cost for the employees but also saves time.

With the advancement in technology numerous ways of communication have also been developed. Social networking websites, email, and faxes are a few means which have made it easier to communicate throughout the world. Technology has also facilitated man in the field of medicine. It is now possible to detect and prevent various diseases through X-rays, C.T scans, MRI and shots. Organ transplantation and manufacturing new drugs has become easy.

Acquiring education through 3D multimedia and projectors has made it more effective.