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Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have very different consumer bases. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays, they currently have over 1.15 billion users. Because of this, many users feel that they can’t post certain content. On the contrary, twitter allows a level of anonymity; you can even be yourself. This difference leads to Twitter providing access to many levels of honest feedback from users that they do not get out of Facebook.

Twitter vs Facebook, Twitter facebook

Twitter is proactive; Facebook is reactive! Facebook’s most common use is to keep people informed of what’s happening while Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself. Trends on twitter provide one with and update of whats going on in the world.

Twitter is a Mac; Facebook is a PC! We all know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Twitter hasn’t been cluttered by ads and multimedia. Twitter’s stock is not as volatile as Facebook’s.

Twitter vs Facebook; the battle of social media dominance is never ending! Well twitter is still private, so they do not give the earning reports but yeah its headquarters are smiling when thinking about the direction the company is heading though!

Twitter vs Facebook; A tale of two sites. This year, Twitter bought Vine, a video sharing app and quickly integrated it into the company. Facebook bought Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app. Facebook, however makes money from advertising and online games and other apps built on top of its platform.

Time will tell how twitter stands above and against Facebook but whatever happens, I bet we’ll hear about it on twitter first!


In order to recapitulate the entire concept of social media, twitter will be among the amenable team of the curtailing media of which Facebook and YouTube are also a part. Surprisingly twitter has had more registered users than before, but with time, statistics have reported that only 100 out of 500 million users are active.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing


As twitter users would have it, one would consider twitter to be the best search engine if compared to Yahoo and Bing. If you even consider the joint statistics of the search hits on Yahoo and Bing, Twitter would still have topped it as searching relevant topics on it seems quite facilitated. Secondly, twitter is and had been used as one of the top most websites for advertisement and business as 50% of the revenues generated on twitter are mainly due to the latter’s peak interests.


Over the past few years, Twitter has had Lady Gaga boiling the tweets and her followers surpassing Justin Bieber and Barack Obama as well in 2012. However, as mentioned above, Twitter would not be considered as a practitioner for a balanced diet in both the corporate and the incorporate world. The main reason and perhaps the only reason for Twitter to lag behind Zuckerberg’s seemingly indefensible and untenable world would be its complexity and the lack of user controlled options.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing

So far so good, Twitter has been quite informative for people who wish to follow their celebrities’ daily tweets among which Justin Bieber, the sensational rock star has been quite lucky in capturing millions of fans worldwide through this tweeting enterprise. Also, 95% of the tweets on Twitter are retweeted from the original tweets which amenably would belong to celebrities other than just normal users tweeting about their daily cooking experiences.

Instagram reaches 100 million users

The mobile application of photography, which until a few months ago was only present in iOS, has managed to reach 100 million users.Instagram reaches 100 million users, Zuckerberg ios Instagram facebook android

“Our mission with Instagram is that we want to help them grow to hundreds of millions of users,” this is what Mark Zuckerberg said at TechCrunch Disrupt conference . In addition, the CEO of Facebook, which owns the social network of photography for a few months, has clarified that they have no plans to integrate the service into their infrastructure .

Facebook paid about 1,000 million for Instagram. The reason for this exorbitant price has been the photographs. One of the reasons why the social network Mark Zuckerberg has been so successful is because of sharing images and encourage publication of snapshots taken with digital cameras, a technology that dramatically expanded in recent years.

But after another technology that has come has expanded similarly, and is currently growing: smartphones . Cameras in smartphones have improved and now can take quality pictures with some models. If Facebook took another pull, Instagram is now taking advantage of it.

Zuckerberg believes that making a Facebook phone would be a mistake

The founder and CEO of Facebook has denied Tuesday that the social network is envisaged to create a mobile phone. “It would not be a good strategy” ruled Marck Zuckerberg at a technology conference in San Francisco. The social network prefers to focus on building “an integrated system that is compatible with any mobile device.”Zuckerberg believes that making a Facebook phone would be a mistake, Zuckerberg facebook phone facebook

On the collapse of the shares of Facebook , Zuckerberg acknowledged that the devaluation of the titles has been “disappointing”and is committed to making money in the future. Since the shares went public with a starting price of $ 38, the negative trend was coming to drop below the $ 20 barrier.

On the eve of the expected launch of iPhone 5, Zuckerberg says that Facebook is a company focused on the business of mobile devices and in the development of this sector is part of the company’s future. “We will make more money with mobile business than that with computers “, in reference to the advertising market that caters to the social network. Despite this statement, the CEO again denied that Facebook is raised to create a mobile phone.

Argentines spend more time on Facebook

It is no news that the Argentines are very fond of Facebook, but now research has numbers and concludes that they are the most amateur of the planet to the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Argentine Visitors spend online Facebook averaging 627.3 minutes per month, which puts them at the top of the world ranking of social networking addicts. Ten hours per month. 21 minutes a day. At least so says the report by consultancy ComScore, reported by the newspaper Clarin, “which was drafted last June with data from over 15 users that connect at home or in the workplace. Next in the ranking Internet users is in Thailand, with nine hours per month, and Israel, with 9 hours and 28 minutes.

In addition, 92.7% of Internet users have a profile on Argentine social network , which puts Argentina as the second country in the world, behind Philippines, where 94% of users have a profile on the website created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Considering also other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn (a network widely used for business purposes in the southern country), time per user is around 10.4 hours, second only to Russia, with 10.7 hours.

As regards the use of email, the study says that 95.3% of Internet users have at least one e-mail. A check that email devote, on average, about 142.1 minutes per month, well above the overall average time (60.6 minutes) and more so the estimated average for Latin America (46.8 minutes).

Argentines spend more time on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg facebook Argentina

The Argentines prefer webmail service Hotmail (now Outlook.com of Microsoft) used by 65.5% of users, followed far behind by Gmail (Google), with 15.3%, and Yahoo!, with 14.2% market share.

Regional Base

Maybe it’s that huge success of Facebook in Argentina that led its managers to opt for Buenos Aires as a regional platform. On September 1, Alejandro Zuzenberg, number one Facebook to Argentina, confirmed that the company will look to “services to the entire region” from their offices.

Zuzenberg said at the time that well intended “to be closer to users and advertisers” and stressed the importance of social networking, to the extent that “helps you connect better.” He recalled that Facebook has been a vital platform in the virtual world in which ” people receive information through other people “. The executive stressed the growing importance in the network advertising market and noted that 96 of the 100 largest companies advertise on Facebook

Facebook loses one of its largest shareholders

Peter Thiel, co-founder of online payment site PayPal has sold 20.6 million shares Facebook. He was an early investor social network.

Facebook loses one of its largest shareholders, Peter Thiel paypal Mark Zuckerberg facebook

Facebook has lost one of its early investors, Peter Thiel,  known for having created the online payment service Paypal, sold most of its shares in Facebook last weekend. The view stock on Monday sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the U.S. agency controls financial markets), the contractor sold 20.6 million shares Facebook last Thursday and Friday.

He had initially 23.6 million according to Forbes magazine who has performed this operation at the end of the first lock-in period, which occurred on Thursday, during which the shareholders of U.S. social network did not have the right to sell their shares, to avoid too massive influx of titles on the market. Four other blocking periods are planned, which could still lose many shares of the Californian giant, which expects a loss of 1.9 billion shares in the next nine months. Each share was sold at a price range between 19.02 and 20.70 dollars, between 15.85 and 17.25 euros, which corresponds to an assignment of more than 350 million euros. This is more symbolic than Peter Thiel, whose fortune is $ 1.5 billion according to Forbes, he was one of the first to invest in the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and he was part of its board of directors. Facebook has already lost half of its share value, only three months after its introduction on the Nasdaq in May. Monday, the action went below $ 19 before closing at 20.01 dollars. Palo Alto is currently experiencing a period of turmoil. Last week, four of its leaders had decided to leave the adventure.