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The Egyptian army claims to have killed 32 alleged ‘criminals’ in Sinai

The Egyptian army said on Saturday they killed 32 criminals in the course of operations being carried out for a month in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian army claims to have killed 32 alleged criminals in Sinai, sinai Egyptian army Egypt

These operations were launched after gunmen attacked on Aug. 5 step control on the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip that killed 16 Egyptian  policemen.

Military spokesman, Colonel Ahmad Mohammed Ali , said to reporters that 38 people, including several “non-Egyptian” had been arrested during “Operation Sinai” launched on August 7.

“The operation will continue until the objectives are achieved, which are not only military, but also seek to develop Sinai, the most neglected region of Egypt.

The spokesman has said that the military deployment in this sector , in which the 1979 peace agreements foresee demilitarization, it was in “coordination” with the Jewish state, a possibility that they do contemplate historic treaties.