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BlackBerry’s Roller Coaster: A Hidden Investment Opportunity?, waterloo thorsten heins tech giant short selling rim jim balsillie investing high tech canadian tech blackberry apple

BlackBerry’s Roller Coaster: A Hidden Investment Opportunity?

BlackBerry’s Roller Coaster: A Hidden Investment Opportunity?, waterloo thorsten heins tech giant short selling rim jim balsillie investing high tech canadian tech blackberry appleThis is the life, recession and death of a tech giant, or is it? No one will disagree that the Canadian company, who started off in a small city just west of Toronto, grew to be a tech giant with millions and millions of users worldwide. What most now disagree on is the tech companies future, as they try to navigate through hard times and find they’re sweet spot, once again.

Blackberry, formerly known as ‘Research in Motion (RIM)’, started in 1985 by University of Waterloo engineering students Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. The company was originally a consulting business based in Waterloo but in a four year time span, they morphed into a wireless data transmission company and set up point of sale customer terminals using radio waves.

When Jim Balsillie joined in 1992, the company was starting to make technology so send and receive emails through wireless transmission. The company went public in 1997, raised $115million and started to grow, fast. By 1999, the personal communicators were said to be the ‘next big thing’ and Rim’s blackberry device raised another $250 million after listing on the NASDAQ.

2007 hit and RIM started to really take off, they were making products that were now not only for corporate use, but appealed to the mass market. The company had secured over 12 million users and revenue greater than $1.67 billion.

This seems well, but what happened after this is the downfall of a company who tried to compete in a market they had no ammo for. Apple released the iPhone, Samsung brought in the S3 and before you know it, the smartphone market was booming, competition was high and Blackberry’s competitors were no small fish.

Blackberry lost its competitive advantage. No longer was RIM the go to phone with innovations that surpassed anything on the market. Now they were the conservative guys, going after the older markets and the corporate markets (or so we thought). They were actually focusing on consumer markets which made their innovation choices screwed and corporate worlds began to adopt BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

The last two years has been a true roller coaster ride for Blackberry. Co-Founders left the board and the team, new replacements came in and wanted to sell the company and now we are finding out the NEW CEO is leaving and the former CEO of Sybase is stepping in …. What does this mean for investment purposes?
To Invest or Not

If you’re investing in Blackberry, you’re likely investing in a belief of at least one of the following things I believe will happen:BlackBerry’s Roller Coaster: A Hidden Investment Opportunity?, waterloo thorsten heins tech giant short selling rim jim balsillie investing high tech canadian tech blackberry apple

  1. Security issues are a big deal to companies, they will refocus their innovation efforts to security and secure communication and start selling to the corporate world again
  2. Security isn’t an issue, blackberry now has a bad name and I really don’t think that they will survive
  3. Blackberry will likely sell, or divest the company and license the use of some of their patents. If this is the case, RIM has the potential to shape themselves as the go-to for secure wireless communication core technology.

If you believe in 1 or 3 I would be investing at today’s price
If you believe in 2 I would short sell BlackBerry stock.

Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market

The hangover of the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple has led the former’s actions fall 8% after its defeat in the ‘fight’ for patents.

Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market, samsung patent apple

The market value of the South Korean electronics giant has dropped to 10,000 million euros. By contrast, Apple shares have marked a rise of about 3% and a record $ 680.7.

But if that was not enough, Apple now calls for prohibiting market eight models of smartphones manufactured by South Korean rival. Among them, four variants of the Galaxy S2 phone, as is clear from the court papers.

20 ‘smartphones’ 

The jury ruled that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents in more than 20 smart devices . However, many of them are from last year and are no longer on the market.

Samsung will continue to fight against U.S. jury decision that awarded the apple company compensation of nearly 1,000 million. And asked to suspend the current ban on selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, because the jury found no violation in the design of this tablet.

Apple seeks to halt also two models of Galaxy S and the Droid Charge and Galaxy prevail.

Samsung has stressed that the California decision has been different from that of other judgments in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and the Netherlands, as it was the first time in the patent war that decided a jury and not judges.

The apple company has patent lawsuits against several manufacturers of devices using the Google Android operating system from Samsung to Motorola and HTC, but not against Google.

Apple: new iPhone and iPad mini by end of October

Apple: new iPhone and iPad mini by end of October, iphone ipad mini apple

Apple is preparing to introduce a new version of the iPhone in September, followed by an “iPad mini” in October, according to information from a site.

Attention two important new perspectives: Apple will submit by the end of October a new phone and a smaller multifunction version of its iPad tablet, Sunday provides the specialized website All Things Digital .
The new version of the iPhone “will be unveiled during a presentation on September 12,” writes the site, citing “several sources.” Once this new phone will be available for sale, the manufacturer of computer products will be announcing the smaller version of the iPad on which it has been worked on for some time, says the site.

Apple just won a resounding lawsuit against Samsung. According to the article, this “iPad mini” with a diagonal measurement of the screen should be less than 8 inches (20.3 cm) and should be unveiled at a second show, “currently scheduled for October. ” The iPad now has a diagonal of 9.7 inches (25 cm). Friday: Apple won an important legal victory against Samsung . The California court in San Jose ordered the Korean giant to pay $ 1 billion in compensation for patent infringement to Apple’s design, interface … Korean have copied everything according to the court. Also, Monday, August 20, the Apple brand has broken the record for the largest market capitalization of all time , previously held by Microsoft.The Apple stock jumped to 665.15 dollars a barrel, for a total market capitalization of 623.52 billion dollars. And that the release of these two new products could still drive up Apple’s stock ..


Apple beats Microsoft

A symbol. The Apple brand dethrones Microsoft Monday beating the record for the largest market capitalization of all time. Boosted by speculation about the imminent release of new products, Apple jumped to 665.15 dollars a barrel. Multiplied by the number of outstanding shares, it reached a total market capitalization of 623.52 billion dollars.

Apple beats Microsoft, microsoft capitalization apple

The previous record was held by the competitor Microsoft, which reached on December 30 1999, at the meeting, at the height of the Internet bubble, a market capitalization of 620.58 billion dollars, according to statistics from the agency rating Standard and Poor’s. In closing this session capitalization was 616.34 billion. It has since largely melted, about $ 257 billion. New products, new horizons action Apple, which circulates in the sweet name “AAPL” attracts investors by the prospect of a new product release cycle with the iPad Mini and the new iPhone. The expansion of business to China, where a burgeoning middle class turns to high-tech products, also creates enthusiasm among investors. According to many specialized websites, the California group will present the iPhone 5 during a conference on September 12. Observers also plan to launch in the coming months a miniature version of the iPad tablet computer, as well as a new generation TV. Many ads that are quickly forgotten forecasts lower growth than expected, the group announced last month. According to analysts, the record reached Monday should “strengthen the positive sentiment towards action” and the stupendous rise of the title, which has increased by nearly 60% since the beginning of the year. “The portfolio managers will have to have the Apple” in their product, “due to its weight in the index and its impact on annual performance,” said Michael James, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities. Before the end of the session, Apple had already beaten the record. It was enough for him to finish with action greater than or equal to 657.50 dollars to beat the record capitalization fence.