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Power of social media

Your first addiction may have been choclate. Next… maybe you couldn’t turn your head away from the TV when teletubbies was on. Now, you can’t stop jumping all around your family room hooked up to your Wii. But the worst has yet to be here..Are you also addicted to a cell phone

We are all a little bit guilty to spend too much time on our cell phones these days. Besides calling your mom to tell her you’re going to be home late for supper, you can text your friends, play video games, take pictures, make movies, find yourself on a live map from a satellite… it’s so addicting!

A good question to ask yourself is if you are using your cell phone too much? Here is a list of examples why you might be addicted to your cell phone:

You spend more money on the accessories of your phone, You have 10 apps and you use them all, Your phone bill is more than $150 a month, You run out of battery power every day, You use your phone in the bathroom also..

There is no doubt that cell phone is one of a great invention, that makes our lives easier and help us communicate. But let’s be honest… we shouldn’t use them all the time just to entertain ourselves. Life is not always about entertainment and fun. If you think you are addicted to your cell phone, you should seriously try to cure your addiction.

Everything has a good side and a bad side. However, we should not exploit the use of technology.

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