Open Source Software Revealed

Open source development of software is the procedure of developing open codes or rather says publicly available source codes. So, these source codes can be modified, modulated and transcended into new codes, but the main platform would be the initially developed source code.

The data in open source code is no longer vulnerable than a closed source code software. Moreover, you’ll not be done at the mercy of your software vendor to fix any bug in the source code. Since more people enjoy access to the source code the bugs are often reported and fixed quickly in an OSS.

And, on another note…

Often organizations think that they have to undergo sea changes in incorporating open source technology in their offices. But it is usually a myth. Many of the open source programs integrate seamlessly with Windows software and thus do not require you to change your IT environment.

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It’s a common notion that management and support issues are often hard to resolve in OSS programs. But it’s also untrue as several of the other myths regarding Open Source Software development. Companies specialized in providing OSS solutions also offer comprehensive open source software support and work in close proximity to their clients in resolving issues.

Open source software development is a descriptively structured process. This includes three phases – namely, initiation, execution and releasing. Each phase has its own workflow which determines the final product. The initiation phase can either be started off with an existing project or a new project. However, this depends on the subject matter it serves, the necessity of each project, and the solution it provides.

Also, there are various types of open source development projects, such as software programs, distribution programs, operating system programs, standalone document projects. Each project is either client specific or consumer specific catering to their needs. So, how does one get the idea of starting an open source project? It might be an individual, an existing developer, already existing proprietary software is transformed into an open source software and an already established open source software is further modified by a third company for their own purposes.

An important thing to be noted is that an open source project is never complete. It always goes through changes, the bugs are always updated, newer versions are released and novel ways of preparing the code are always being considered. By that it states that an open source software can be immortal, in the effect that since it is always being renovated with new ideas, it remains new and is on par with the changing times and technologies of the planet.

Open source software with a general public license (GNU) or some other license which would allow the inclusion of some other software which mightn’t be free software. But, it might occur to many that why open source software developers often spend so much time in developing such software without expecting any pay or economic returns through it. It was observed that these developers are interested to learn and also to share knowledge and to acquire experience based on a survey. Especially about software designs, functionality, methods, tools and practices associated with various projects and applications.

Open Source Software Development has gained a revolutionary acceptance from around the world, and it is becoming an alternative approach for developing for new and large software projects and applications. Extensive research is conducted in this field and hence it is in a position to generate many opportunities. Many open source software development groups are being formed and everyone is trying to disseminate the idea of free software all over the world.

But, however many business and software experts and giants are against this idea and believe that transcending every software available into open source would dilute the competitiveness that exists among different companies and would the reduce the quality of the software product. Also, there is a chance that many open source codes might seem to be same because it is publicly available to anyone and might create confusion and hastiness.

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