Medical Technology – Reality Check

Medical technology has grown leaps and bounds especially from the standpoint of producing advanced devices that will help people maintain their good health and save more lives.

Most medical devices are used to help diagnose and treat certain diseases so if it isn’t working as it should, it can pose life-threatening dangers.

Which leads us to….

Medical devices, like any other products, operate on the premise that it will function in the manner in which it is supposed to. Medical products in particular, provide people who use it the guarantee that it’s a safe to use and will adequately address certain health concerns.

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Medical librarians, medical billers and coders are part of the other jobs that do not require hands-on care. Health insurance companies provide many career opportunities for health care providers including case management, medical reviews and medical authorizations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal agency tasked to assess the safety and efficacy of medical devices before it is marketed to the public.

Aside from approving new products before it is released, the CDRH also investigates reports of defective medical devices.

If a medical device is found to hold a safety defect, the CDRH can recommend a product recall to the manufacturers.

Medical device manufacturers usually comply by doing a voluntary product recall to avoid possible lawsuits and further damage to their image.

Two medical device manufacturers have been getting a great deal of attention as a result of allegations about some possible defective products.

Some patients were experiencing sudden shocks after being implanted with the device according to reports.

Two more companies, Centurion Premie and Meconium Packs also issued product recalls for their pediatric tracheal tubes.

Investigations found out that the tubes manufactured have a smaller internal diameter than what was listed on the label.

It sounds like a small thing. However, a few millimeters can tell the difference between life and death to some patients.

If youÂ’re currently using any medical device, you should keep yourself informed about the latest product recalls announced by the FDA.

You should also be mindful of all the possible consequences of the medical device to your body, whether it is the primary function of the device or just a side effect.

The manufacturer or vendor of the medical device should make a full disclosure about all the important information regarding the product including proper use, warranties, and possible harmful effects.

If not, you may find yourself surprised and shocked that the instrument that is meant to help you is harming you.

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