Madrid requires legal force against the alleged murderer

Madrid requires legal force against the alleged murderer, The deputy mayor of Madrid, Miguel Angel Villanueva said today that the City of Madrid hopes “that the whole extent of the law fall on what seems to be the alleged murderer” of the agent of the Municipal Police Carmen Munoz , who died last Wednesday in a shootout.

Speaking in a municipal act Coslada, Deputy Mayor expressed the City Council’s congratulations “to the Government Office, bodies and state security forces and especially the National Police, who have been able to stop the suspect” of this crime.

Agent Muñoz was killed and his patrol partner, Santiago Lozano, was wounded, shot by two suspects while both officials  tried to stop  a robbery in the Madrid district of Usera. One of those allegedly responsible for his death, David Manuel Fernandez Rodriguez, was arrested Sunday.

Villanueva stressed that ” we are working hard under the supervision of the Government Delegation, in capturing another alleged perpetrator in the murder of the city official. “

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