Impact of a proposed union of doctors

Should we stop to reimburse patients when they consult doctors practicing exorbitant rates? It is, in any case, that advocates UMESPE (National Union of Medical Specialists Confederate), the largest union of medical specialists Liberals. This proposal shock is launched just days before the opening of negotiations – which should begin Sept. 5 – between unions, health insurance and supplementary health on how to reduce the “excess fees”, these Medical pricing far exceeding the amount determined by the social security system. 

Impact of a proposed union of doctors, union social security doctors

Up to ten times the price of the Social Security

The union has in its sights the “300 physicians stars”, including 150 engaged in public hospitals, which are often very heavy hand. “They charge up to ten times the price of the Social Security! So you must tell them: You return to acceptable levels of fees, or leave the system of national solidarity , “says Dr. Jean-François Rey, President of the UMESPE. The problem is that this sanction would sanction equally challenged doctors and their patients, since they would no longer be reimbursed. “An insured can be treated without necessarily going through these practitioners there,” replies Dr. Rey. Even take the risk of cutting the flower of French medicine? “Do not tell me they may go abroad: in France there are doctors who work known worldwide on safe costs,” concludes Jean-François Rey.

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