Gas prices could increase by 7% on 1 October

GDF Suez wants to get a new gas price increases on 1 October. According to the website internet daily Le Figaro, GDF Suez has sent a request to this effect to the Regulatory Commission (CRE). Under changing supply costs, the company claims a 1% increase in regulated prices of gas, affecting nearly 11 million homes, the newspaper said, without citing its sources.

Gas prices could increase by 7% on 1 October, Regulatory Commission GDF Suez Gas prices

The group also calls for “catching up 6 points,” says Le Figaro. The state has indeed been confirmed that a reevaluation of rates of 2%, but “the application of the law, which requires changes affect supply costs of the group should have to accept an increase of 8 % “. 
“To apply the formula, GDF Suez has also, once again, before the Council of State that requires the government to grant under this catch early 2012” the newspaper said. 
Questioned by AFP, the group declined to comment.

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