Gallina Blanca celebrates its 75th birthday

Gallina Blanca turns 75 years . The company launched in 1937 its first bouillon cubes, later known as Avecrem, has grown in that time and is now present in over 50 countries and 70% of Spanish households.

Throughout all these years, Gallina Blanca has accompanied different generations and trying to innovate to create solutions that help consumers gain in flavor, variety, imagination and time, in order to “make good food in cuisine that is enjoyed every day. ”

Gallina Blanca celebrates its 75th birthday, Gallina Blanca Star Group Gallina Blanca Avecrem

Company Gallina Blanca Star Group, a multinational food by 75% owned by the Spanish Agrolimen and 25% by the Italian Findim, revenues of 650 million euros in 2011.

“Even the Italian actress Sofia Loren moved to Barcelona to promote the brand and participate in ‘The Flying Dutchman’, a radio contest that was broadcasted in the program ‘Cavalcade weekend,'” tells the story of the company.

International since 1979, Gallina Blanca covers a wide range of culinary products, from traditional broth (now presented in carton packaging) to ambient dishes.

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