Egypt: six dead in a clash in Sinai

Egypt: six dead in a clash in Sinai, The tension is even escalated to the Israeli-Palestinian border. The Egyptian security forces Sunday killed six men armed during a raid in a village in Sinai presented as an antiterrorist operation. State television had earlier said that nine people – six militants and three soldiers, were found dead in a major operation of the army against terrorism, but a security source said that the three soldiers were killed in a road accident elsewhere in the peninsula.

“Security forces conducted a raid against a small house in the village (al-Joura) and there was a firefight,” said a witness under cover of anonymity. “They killed six people and left the body, then returned with ambulances and a fire truck to take them,” he added. Another witness, who described the gunmen as “strangers in the village,” said the six men were killed in crossfire when security forces entered the house where they were hiding. American and Egyptian trying to secure the Sinai Peninsula The Sunday raid comes as the Egyptian army continues to strengthen its presence in the Sinai with new shipments of tanks and armored vehicles to try to capture or kill the militants responsible for an attack Sunday 5 August that killed 15 Egyptian border guards and was attributed to “Islamic terrorists”. A senior Egyptian security had accused shortly after the attack of “jihadists” from the neighboring Gaza Strip of being behind the attack. This is the most serious attack against Egyptian forces in the peninsula since the peace accords of 1979 Israeli-Egyptian, who returned the Sinai to Egypt. The Egyptian authorities have pledged to regain control over this region sensitive, close Israel and the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, experiencing a strong resurgence of insecurity since the collapse in February 2011 of President Hosni Mubarak. ┬áThe New York Times, the U.S. and Egypt are trying to set establish a new security plan to address the worsening situation in this desert region. Citing unnamed sources, the U.S. daily says that the U.S. Department of Defense talks with the Egyptians in a series of options to share information with the Egyptian army and police in the Sinai.

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