Here, collaboration may also be termed as inter-dependency. Regardless of the matter being quite vague and simple, this is to make the most common factors aware for a renowned business executive to spread his wings farther along with a team. A team, of course, may consist of a few members or even more members than a standard team depending on the task.


There are a number of collaboration tools available that help the entire team to comprehend the natural standards of being called as a team. Each team member on the team is nevertheless responsible for a certain task or for a certain amount to be carried out. Needless to point our the importance of proficiency and accuracy, the team leader would also make it obvious by restricting each and every member to his own task and would abandon poking and peeking into other’s noses for better results.


In same cases, there are also certain cases in which one would need the help of the other person in order to declare victory for an assigned task. All of this especially depends on a business executive’s role which is definitely required for the team’s keen collaboration with each other. At some time, a perturbing question may be raised which would be pursued by many of the team members outlining their respective tasks. However, each team member should also take this magnificent opportunity to understand the need and the meaning of a team.

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Teamwork casts the exact operations on the team members depending on their individual capabilities, their set of mind and their behavioural manipulation according to the task.


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