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How to Hide the Fact That You Spent Your Entire Christmas Break Getting Baked Alone in Your Apartment

How to Hide the Fact That You Spent Your Entire Christmas Break Getting Baked Alone in Your Apartment,

You’ve earned your break. Enjoy it! But you probably don’t want your parents/colleagues to know that the Balsam Fir wasn’t the only tree you lit each night over the Christmas holidays.

1. Don’t Leave a Huge Mess

Eventually, you’ll probably have to cope with having another human stop by your place. It sucks, but it happens, and the likelihood increases as you approach Christmas day. So you’d best clean up after yourself on a sesh-by-sesh basis.

  • If you’re one of those people who can’t pack a bowl or vape without spilling, use a makeshift funnel to keep your weed in order. As non-drinker, I don’t have an actual funnel on hand, so I use my Mouthpeace from (the classic version from us). Rolled-up printer paper works as well.
  • Couldn’t help but spill some weed anyhow? Cover the end of a vacuum with a sock to clean it up without wasting any.
  • Clean up bong water and resin spills immediately, or else the smell is going to stick around for a long time. Bong water will usually come out of carpet if you spray the stain with white vinegar, blot with a towel, sprinkle baking soda, and repeat. Resin will come out with rubbing alcohol or Goo-Gone.

2. Get an Air Purifier

Trying to cover up the smell with essential oils or other scents is next to useless. You’ll just get a fresh lavender smell one second and a mouthful of dank smell the next whenever you walk through your apartment. Doesn’t fool anyone for long.

The real trick: get a charcoal air purifier. Charcoal is one of the few air filtration methods that effectively captures and neutralizes smells. That’s why it’s use in your range hood filter. You do have the replace the charcoal periodically, though, because the pores actually fill up with microscopic airborne particles over time.

3. Watch a Current Release

“What did you do on your break?”

Well, you could lie and say you visited the family or went to Blue Mountain or something, but you haven’t got the socials to back it up. Who’d go to Christmas dinner without posting a single story?

You could say, “Nothing,” but that’s not super convincing if you don’t want people to assume you were just stoned in your house for two weeks.

Easy solution: watch some current releases on demand and say you went to the theatre. No one expects you to have photographic evidence of this, and it’s mundane enough that no one will question it.

4. Un-Dank Your Clothing

Blazing up your entire place for two weeks is going to give your clothes and linens a distinctive, telltale odour. It’s usually sufficient to spray them with Febreeze and dry them with dryer sheets, but if that’s not doing the trick, try some Ozium. It’s what professional cleaners use to get old smells out of car upholstery.

That’s all I’ve got today. Happy Holidays!

7 Staying-at-home-and-making-money Business Ideas for Women


7 Staying at home and making money Business Ideas for Women, women small scale ideas home based business

Economy is becoming tougher, are you?

For all the stay-at-home housewives, who are talented and believe in lending an earning hand to their spouses, this article is just the thing! While nursing your children is equally important, today’s economy does not let a single man to earn for the entire household. The better half has to put in some role to eek out a decent earning at the end of the month.

I have presented a few ideas how to earn at home:

1.     Online Work Opportunities

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Fashion designing
  • Accessory Designing
  • Gift Packing and Delivering
  • Tutoring
  • Baking
  • Web Designing

2.     Catering Services

Use your culinary skills professionally. Start on a small scale, like taking orders of your neighbor’s house-buying party. Publicize your business through local radio, or put up pamphlets at ladies parlor.

3.     Wedding Planner

This business will take much of your time. Again the breakthrough wedding will be of any relative or friend.

4.     Copywriting Services

Only if you have a thing on the literary side; they do not require much effort and pay decent.

5.     Virtual Assistant

The one who sits back at her house and act as an assistant to any businessman. Take notes, fix meetings, order lunch all while sitting in your couch.

6.     Bird Farming and Breeding Business

Indeed, very profitable it is! Buy at least 4-7 pairs of any species, keep them for 3-4 months, they’ll multiply by then.  Sell them and ENJOY!!!

7.     Storage Business

Storing essential oils such as palm oil, or soy and red beans in the peak season, then selling them at a higher price off season is yet another money-making business.

Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have very different consumer bases. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays, they currently have over 1.15 billion users. Because of this, many users feel that they can’t post certain content. On the contrary, twitter allows a level of anonymity; you can even be yourself. This difference leads to Twitter providing access to many levels of honest feedback from users that they do not get out of Facebook.

Twitter vs Facebook, Twitter facebook

Twitter is proactive; Facebook is reactive! Facebook’s most common use is to keep people informed of what’s happening while Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself. Trends on twitter provide one with and update of whats going on in the world.

Twitter is a Mac; Facebook is a PC! We all know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Twitter hasn’t been cluttered by ads and multimedia. Twitter’s stock is not as volatile as Facebook’s.

Twitter vs Facebook; the battle of social media dominance is never ending! Well twitter is still private, so they do not give the earning reports but yeah its headquarters are smiling when thinking about the direction the company is heading though!

Twitter vs Facebook; A tale of two sites. This year, Twitter bought Vine, a video sharing app and quickly integrated it into the company. Facebook bought Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app. Facebook, however makes money from advertising and online games and other apps built on top of its platform.

Time will tell how twitter stands above and against Facebook but whatever happens, I bet we’ll hear about it on twitter first!

Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?

Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?, tele communication technology medicine living standards improved gadgets

With the advent of 21st century, technology has promptly advanced in every possible field. Whether it is medicine, tele-communication, education or gadgets, technology up gradation has affected us all.

It is impossible for me to recall the exact size of computers, although I can easily recall the latest, tiniest tablet PC in market. This is what technology is all about; connecting people globally, fitting PCs into your pockets and allowing you to control lights via your smart phone.

About 20 years back, few understood the word cell phone and fewer actually owned it. Today, few people live without it. No more it is a luxury; cell phones have become an obligation and an inevitable piece of metal to us.

Trade and business sector is booming with profits, mortal and incurable diseases are eradicated from the world, emergencies and natural calamities are being tackled successfully; all because of what? Only, technological advancements!

Tiresome calculations and lengthy data entry is now computers’ job not ours. This has not only reduced labor cost for the employees but also saves time.

With the advancement in technology numerous ways of communication have also been developed. Social networking websites, email, and faxes are a few means which have made it easier to communicate throughout the world. Technology has also facilitated man in the field of medicine. It is now possible to detect and prevent various diseases through X-rays, C.T scans, MRI and shots. Organ transplantation and manufacturing new drugs has become easy.

Acquiring education through 3D multimedia and projectors has made it more effective.



In order to recapitulate the entire concept of social media, twitter will be among the amenable team of the curtailing media of which Facebook and YouTube are also a part. Surprisingly twitter has had more registered users than before, but with time, statistics have reported that only 100 out of 500 million users are active.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing


As twitter users would have it, one would consider twitter to be the best search engine if compared to Yahoo and Bing. If you even consider the joint statistics of the search hits on Yahoo and Bing, Twitter would still have topped it as searching relevant topics on it seems quite facilitated. Secondly, twitter is and had been used as one of the top most websites for advertisement and business as 50% of the revenues generated on twitter are mainly due to the latter’s peak interests.


Over the past few years, Twitter has had Lady Gaga boiling the tweets and her followers surpassing Justin Bieber and Barack Obama as well in 2012. However, as mentioned above, Twitter would not be considered as a practitioner for a balanced diet in both the corporate and the incorporate world. The main reason and perhaps the only reason for Twitter to lag behind Zuckerberg’s seemingly indefensible and untenable world would be its complexity and the lack of user controlled options.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing

So far so good, Twitter has been quite informative for people who wish to follow their celebrities’ daily tweets among which Justin Bieber, the sensational rock star has been quite lucky in capturing millions of fans worldwide through this tweeting enterprise. Also, 95% of the tweets on Twitter are retweeted from the original tweets which amenably would belong to celebrities other than just normal users tweeting about their daily cooking experiences.

Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts

When it comes to the major crimes (murder, theft and so on) everyone knows not to do them and the vast majority of people would never dream of committing them. However, like it or not, there are some offenses that somehow still don’t register as “real crimes” in the minds of a lot of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts,

Drink driving and driving without insurance are two such offenses. Both of them are irrefutably illegal and morally wrong, but many drivers still consider them to be ‘victimless crimes’ because they rationalise that nobody gets hurt if they get away with it.

This kind of logic is so often tragically dashed once the driver in question becomes involved in an accident. Not only are there the obvious consequences of damages to both people and property, there are more long-lasting effects as well that many blasé drivers will not have even considered.

Car hire is one of these additional problems that will affect those who have suffered a disqualification from holding a driver’s license or incurred a series of major endorsements.

Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts,

Most drivers will already know that minor endorsements on their license – such as speeding – will be wiped off after a period of time usually amounting to around 3 years, depending on the severity of the infraction. Provided that the endorsements didn’t result in a period of disqualification, the penalty points will be removed along with all subsequent problems that go with them (e.g. higher insurance costs, etc).

This is not the case with major offenses that involve a disqualification. If you are disqualified from driving for endorsements such as those coded DR10 (drink driving) or IN10 (driving without insurance) then the conviction will not be removed from your license for the next 10 years. This is the case even if the ban period is significantly shorter, such as 1-3 years.

dui judge

Clearly this means that the disqualification will continue to have a marked effect on the offender’s life even after the ban has run its course. Not only will their insurance remain markedly higher but hiring a car will be all but impossible. This is because the majority of car hire firms will not accept a driver with a DR10 or IN10 endorsement on their license, even if their ban period is over.

Policies differ from company to company and other countries have slightly different rules on the subject but the overwhelming majority of cases will find such drivers to be out of luck and out of options. This is just one more reason to avoid these crimes which may be viewed by some as minor but are all too serious in reality.

Afghan Taliban wants to kill Prince Harry

The Afghan Taliban said Monday that they are determined to kill Prince Harry, helicopter pilot fighting in the British army in Afghanistan to return for a second military mission. “We will do our best to kill Prince Harry and other members of the British forces based in Helmand, province of southern Afghanistan, considered one of the strongholds of the Taliban insurgency, said Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the insurgents. 

Afghan Taliban wants to kill Prince Harry, Prince Harry Captain Wales Afghan Taliban

“We are not trying to kidnap him, but kill him,” he said in a telephone interview, adding that the Taliban had established a “very important plan” to attack the third in the sequence the British throne. A four-month temporary assignmentPrince Harry, 27, known as Captain Wales, arrived last week at Camp Bastion in Helmand province for a temporary assignment for four months as driver Apache helicopter, according to the British Army. This mission is the second in the country for Prince Harry, but the first released by the British authorities. His previous mission in Afghanistan, which began in December 2007, had been carefully kept secret until it was shortened after ten weeks for safety reasons, in March 2008, after the disclosure by the media’s presence. The UK, along with 9,500 soldiers, the second largest contributor to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan after the United States. The country, which has lost 425 men since the conflict began in 2001, intends to withdraw its troops by the end of 2014.

Prince Harry returns to Afghanistan with the Army

Prince Harry, aka ‘Capt. Wales’ combat helicopter pilot in the British Army was deployed to Afghanistan for four months.

Prince Harry returns to Afghanistan with the Army, Prince Harry British Army Afghanistan

This is announced Friday by the Ministry of Defence. The younger brother of Prince William, third in line of succession to the British throne, had repeatedly expressed his desire to return to the country, where he had already made a first visit in 2008.

“It happened today at Camp Bastion in Helmand province (southern Afghanistan) to start a temporary assignment as a pilot Apache, it is said in a statement. He will work under the joint aviation group that provides helicopter support to the international force under the command of NATO (ISAF) and Afghan forces, the ministry said. His squadron will play a supervisory role, deterrence and, if necessary, combat and escort for other aircraft. As with all deployments, captain Wales was planned long and the threat against him or against his entourage was fully considered, “the statement said. Prince made headlines for other reasons there is a fortnight, when the media published photos showing the naked alongside young women in a hotel in Las Vegas during his vacation.

The Egyptian army claims to have killed 32 alleged ‘criminals’ in Sinai

The Egyptian army said on Saturday they killed 32 criminals in the course of operations being carried out for a month in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian army claims to have killed 32 alleged criminals in Sinai, sinai Egyptian army Egypt

These operations were launched after gunmen attacked on Aug. 5 step control on the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip that killed 16 Egyptian  policemen.

Military spokesman, Colonel Ahmad Mohammed Ali , said to reporters that 38 people, including several “non-Egyptian” had been arrested during “Operation Sinai” launched on August 7.

“The operation will continue until the objectives are achieved, which are not only military, but also seek to develop Sinai, the most neglected region of Egypt.

The spokesman has said that the military deployment in this sector , in which the 1979 peace agreements foresee demilitarization, it was in “coordination” with the Jewish state, a possibility that they do contemplate historic treaties.

At least 46 killed in several attacks in three provinces of Afghanistan

At least 46 killed in several attacks in three provinces of Afghanistan, Nearly fifty people have died in several attacks recorded in three provinces of Afghanistan, which is one of the bloodiest days of the year.

August 14 was the most devastating day for civilians since last December 6, 84 died in attacks on the Shia community in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif.

The attacks have occurred in the provinces of Nimroz (southwest), Kunduz (North) and Badakhshan (northeastern). In the first two provinces the attacks occurred in markets, causing maximum casualties.

In Nimroz (bordering Iran), usually a quiet area, at least 31 people have died in the provincial capital, Zaranj, according to the governor, Abdul Karim Brahawi, and a hundred injured.

Three suicide bombers blew their load near a bazaar where many people had gathered for shopping before Eid el Fitr, the end party of Ramadan, according to a police officer.

The attackers were part of a group of 11 insurgents, two of them were killed last night. Three were arrested this morning and three others were killed during the day.

In another attack at least 10 Afghan civilians were killed and 28 others were injured when a bomb exploded in a crowded market in the province of Kunduz, north of Afghanistan. The bomb, placed on a motorcycle was triggered remotely.

Meanwhile, in Badakhshan a district governor was killed in an ambush along with three bodyguards and a policeman.

Japan: an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 felt up to the Island of Hokkaido

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred Tuesday morning in the Sea of Okhotsk, in the Russian Far East, entailing no tsunami alert,  according to the American and Japanese meteorologists . The earthquake, recorded at 4h59 hour from Paris, was located 158 km to the east of Poronaysk, port city of the Russian island of Sakhalin, and at a depth of 625 km, said the American Geophysical Institute (USGS).
The Japanese Meteorological Agency has for its part indicates that the tremor was felt in the Island of Hokkaido (north of the archipelago). The violent earthquake was because of a tectonic divide. The tsunami warning center in the Pacific has indicated that a destructive tsunami is nothing to fear about.
Japan, a country situated on a tectonic divide, is regularly subjected to violent earthquakes, the last earthquake in date goes back to last June 18. With a magnitude of 6.4 , it surprised everyone in the dawn in the east coast of Japan running toJapan: an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 felt up to the Island of Hokkaido, the coast of the main island of Honshu.
On March 11, an earthquake of magnitude 9 had caused a gigantic tidal waves in the north-east of Japan. It destroyed everything in its path, triggering a series of damage to the atomic central Fukushima Daiichi, causing the most serious nuclear accident since Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986.
Some 20,000 people have died or have been reported missing in that disaster.

19-year old Iraqi dies in Greece because of racist violence

19 year old Iraqi dies in Greece because of racist violence, Racist violence continues its rise in Greece. A young Iraqi immigrant, 19 years of age died this Sunday after being beaten and stabbed by a group of five attackers. The killers did not want anything material they only confiscated the Iraqi’s life simply because they are of another race.
The portrait referred by witnesses to the crime related to the violent is still unaccounted for. With groups of racists that hit daily to immigrants in Athens, many of these ‘vigilant’ gangs are identified by the media and NGOS as part of the neo-nazi party Golden dawn, a supporter of expelling all immigrants and exists in the Hellenic Parliament with 18 members. The band has denied this and the rest of the attacks Even though some of its members have been arrested for hitting foreigners. Their headquarters is in the Havana neighborhood of Pangrati that have been burned this Monday with an incendiary device.
A week before the start of Zeus Xenios police operation to stem down illegal immigration in Greece, racist violence is growing. Several human rights organizations have denounced the raids where immigrants have been detained 7,500 will increase the risk of beatings from this group. The operation aims to fulfill the campaign promise of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras about illegal immigration .