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Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market

The hangover of the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple has led the former’s actions fall 8% after its defeat in the ‘fight’ for patents.

Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market, samsung patent apple

The market value of the South Korean electronics giant has dropped to 10,000 million euros. By contrast, Apple shares have marked a rise of about 3% and a record $ 680.7.

But if that was not enough, Apple now calls for prohibiting market eight models of smartphones manufactured by South Korean rival. Among them, four variants of the Galaxy S2 phone, as is clear from the court papers.

20 ‘smartphones’ 

The jury ruled that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents in more than 20 smart devices . However, many of them are from last year and are no longer on the market.

Samsung will continue to fight against U.S. jury decision that awarded the apple company compensation of nearly 1,000 million. And asked to suspend the current ban on selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, because the jury found no violation in the design of this tablet.

Apple seeks to halt also two models of Galaxy S and the Droid Charge and Galaxy prevail.

Samsung has stressed that the California decision has been different from that of other judgments in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and the Netherlands, as it was the first time in the patent war that decided a jury and not judges.

The apple company has patent lawsuits against several manufacturers of devices using the Google Android operating system from Samsung to Motorola and HTC, but not against Google.

Apple: new iPhone and iPad mini by end of October

Apple: new iPhone and iPad mini by end of October, iphone ipad mini apple

Apple is preparing to introduce a new version of the iPhone in September, followed by an “iPad mini” in October, according to information from a site.

Attention two important new perspectives: Apple will submit by the end of October a new phone and a smaller multifunction version of its iPad tablet, Sunday provides the specialized website All Things Digital .
The new version of the iPhone “will be unveiled during a presentation on September 12,” writes the site, citing “several sources.” Once this new phone will be available for sale, the manufacturer of computer products will be announcing the smaller version of the iPad on which it has been worked on for some time, says the site.

Apple just won a resounding lawsuit against Samsung. According to the article, this “iPad mini” with a diagonal measurement of the screen should be less than 8 inches (20.3 cm) and should be unveiled at a second show, “currently scheduled for October. ” The iPad now has a diagonal of 9.7 inches (25 cm). Friday: Apple won an important legal victory against Samsung . The California court in San Jose ordered the Korean giant to pay $ 1 billion in compensation for patent infringement to Apple’s design, interface … Korean have copied everything according to the court. Also, Monday, August 20, the Apple brand has broken the record for the largest market capitalization of all time , previously held by Microsoft.The Apple stock jumped to 665.15 dollars a barrel, for a total market capitalization of 623.52 billion dollars. And that the release of these two new products could still drive up Apple’s stock ..


Facebook loses one of its largest shareholders

Peter Thiel, co-founder of online payment site PayPal has sold 20.6 million shares Facebook. He was an early investor social network.

Facebook loses one of its largest shareholders, Peter Thiel paypal Mark Zuckerberg facebook

Facebook has lost one of its early investors, Peter Thiel,  known for having created the online payment service Paypal, sold most of its shares in Facebook last weekend. The view stock on Monday sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the U.S. agency controls financial markets), the contractor sold 20.6 million shares Facebook last Thursday and Friday.

He had initially 23.6 million according to Forbes magazine who has performed this operation at the end of the first lock-in period, which occurred on Thursday, during which the shareholders of U.S. social network did not have the right to sell their shares, to avoid too massive influx of titles on the market. Four other blocking periods are planned, which could still lose many shares of the Californian giant, which expects a loss of 1.9 billion shares in the next nine months. Each share was sold at a price range between 19.02 and 20.70 dollars, between 15.85 and 17.25 euros, which corresponds to an assignment of more than 350 million euros. This is more symbolic than Peter Thiel, whose fortune is $ 1.5 billion according to Forbes, he was one of the first to invest in the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and he was part of its board of directors. Facebook has already lost half of its share value, only three months after its introduction on the Nasdaq in May. Monday, the action went below $ 19 before closing at 20.01 dollars. Palo Alto is currently experiencing a period of turmoil. Last week, four of its leaders had decided to leave the adventure.