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Using Statistical Methods to Predict Web Traffic

I believe it is possible to use statistic models on web traffic data and use it to forecast the traffic that a website will have.  I will first outline the basic model.  Then I will comment on certain aspects that you may want to change depending on the specific website.  Lastly, I will make some general remarks about the model itself.

Using Statistical Methods to Predict Web Traffic, Website Web Traffic StatisticsThe Basic Model

Google Analytics is a wealth of data.  As with any large data set, it would seem reasonable that you can use it to predict the future.  The basic premise of this concept will involve running a regression analysis of a historical data set, with time being the x variable, a number of sessions being the y variable (could potentially modify to use %change as well) to determine a linear equation of the expected traffic.  This will allow the user to input a forthcoming timeframe to get a sense of what the traffic should be.  You can also use the confidence interval outputs to create a range of where the traffic should be within.


Changes to Implement

Anyone that uses Google Analytics can tell you that there is a large variance of daily traffic.  I would recommend using weekly data at the minimum.  This will make your results much more statistically significant.  I would recommend some data smoothing.  Certain times of the year just naturally result in less traffic.  For example, over Christmas, many sites will have a drop off in traffic because people are spending time with family and are not working.  If there is a reasonable explanation for why your traffic is down for a particular week then I would recommend removing.  This will lead to better predictive results.  The other thing to keep in mind is seasonality.  Generally, every business will go through busy and slow times during a year.  You should account for this seasonality in your model or at certain points, you will think you are doing better than you would otherwise think you should be and vice versa.  There are a number of ways to get around this.  If you know the seasonality then you can create a model using data just from the seasonal times.  You could also incorporate a moving average.  Creating seasonal models would be best in terms of accuracy but a moving average would be simpler.  If you are going with the moving average note that it will not be perfect in terms of accuracy (especially when the seasonality downturn starts and ends) but still more accurate than nothing at all.



  • Generally, you should try to have a minimum of 100 data points
  • You should update your models to include the most recent data as possible
    • You shouldn’t create one model and keep using it for 100 weeks out
  • The less time you have between from when you create your model to when you predict a web traffic, the more accurate it will be
    • e. if the model signifies t=0, then t=1 will be more accurate than t=10


JOIFUL On-Demand Beauty and Wellness App is expanding to SoCal

JOIFUL is a one stop app for all your beauty and wellness needs. They offer more than 20 services offered to fulfill most grooming needs for men and women. The app promises a spa-like experience and delivered straight to the clients door within an hour.

JOIFUL On Demand Beauty and Wellness App is expanding to SoCal,
After a very successful launch in Los Angeles in February of this year, JOIFUL has plans to expand in Santa Barbra, Ventura, and Orange Counties before summer.  They have began hiring hair stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists, nail technicians and aestheticians.

“We’ve seen an amazing response in L.A. and anticipate the same results in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange Counties, where market conditions are ripe for JOIFUL,” said Chad Law, VP Sales and Marketing.  “We have an aggressive growth plan based on demand, as women and men continue to adopt the on-demand model as part of their grooming and beauty routine.”

Cryptography – Understanding The Intricacies

Cryptography or cryptology is the art and research study of hiding and/or transit of information without the intrusion of prying eyes. History recommends that this technique has actually prevailed because ages, right from the ancient Greeks to the World War era; however, its contemporary form is still being made use of in modern-day digital communication and computer security authentication. The inexplicable failure of standard encryption (symmetric cryptography) in regards to computer security and reliability of data, forced scientists all over the world to devise something which would get rid of these shortcomings. Thus, public vital encryption (the creation of Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman) was introduced in 1976, which in the world of cryptography, escalated computer security to an entire brand-new level.

Thinking reasonably, providing cryptography is the only method to protect an e-Commerce environment for banking; and SSL encryption is essential to deal with payments– to develop a safe channel that can ensure a client’s monetary data continues to be safe and secure.

More Info About Cryptography

By now, we might have got a reasonable concept that we are handling something interested in ‘public’. So here is the explanation. In conventional (symmetric) cryptography, when the sender fires off an indecipherable message to the recipient, both the parties use the same secret key for locking/unlocking it. Now, here is the problem. The secret key, which would be made use of by both the parties equally, needs to be delivered through some or the other media. For that reason, there is no assurance that the key could take a trip without unwanted tampering, therefore running the risk of the integrity of the data.

Public crucial encryption was the approaching solution to this problem. In this technique, both the parties are handed a pair of special keys – public and private. These keys work hand-in-hand to shield and decode the preferred information. The general public key is freely readily available, whereas the private key, as the name recommends, is confidential and protected by its particular owner. Among the most noted examples could be the RSA algorithm. RSA is an acronym for Rivest, Shaman and Alderman, who wrote this algorithm.

Moving on…

As specified formerly, public key encryption focuses on the principle of two keys. Let us imagine this circumstance – A wants to send out an encrypted message to B. Both of them have a pair of aforementioned keys. An appearance up for bus public type in the directory. Once discovered, he develops his digital signature by calculating his private key and the actual message. Done that, he encrypts the message and sends it to B which in turn, is verified by B using some estimations with the message, the signature and A’s public key. Consequently, if the computations at base and prove that the signature is genuine, then the message is deciphered; otherwise it’s considered to be tampered with or the signature has been forged. This technique virtually removes the problem relating to data encryption for information security.

The most considerable benefit of this kind of encryption is optimal security and ease of use. Furthermore, each user is accountable to secure his/her private secret which provides full self-reliance in ownership. At the very same time, this system lowers the dangers of extensive forgery by decentralization of keys. In fact, this process is called non-repudiation. On the other hand, this cryptographic technique has a couple of disadvantages too. It is comparatively slower than a number of sophisticated encryption strategies. This is since of its long calculation time in factoring large numbers while encoding, decoding and authentication of messages. Public essential encryption like RSA is practically impossible to crack since of its complicated algorithm. This shows to be a major problem for security workers who wish to track delicate data which could be a breach of a company’s or a country’s security.

The sudden surge in information security is actually compelling cryptographers to come up with much better and updated solutions every minute. Public crucial encryption is yet another example of how security parameters are altering day-by-day.

Medical Technology – Making A Choice

If you desire a job that is stable and can get rid of the recession, pick a career in the medical field. Among the jobs in the medical fields that doesn’t need a 4 year degree is a Medical Lab Technician. A Medical Lab Technicians’ job is essential in the health care industry, for they are the ones who assist diagnose health problems by screening body fluids such as blood, pee and spinal fluid. With the results that come from the laboratory, the doctors can then make a better diagnosis and outlook of certain health conditions to help the patients.

Learn if you can handle the job. A Medical Lab Technician’s work is not a glamorous one. You would be managing different kinds of people’s body fluids, secretions and even stools, in order to run some laboratory tests. In short, you must have the stomach for it. If you are someone who faints with the sight of blood or syringe needles, then this is not a job for you. However, if you are able to deal with handling these and far more, then you can continue with finding out the trade.

Discover an accredited school with a great credibility. A Medical laboratory Technician’s work can not be discovered only with online schools; you would have to be in a real school doing laboratory work, so be prepared to be on a fixed schedule based on what your school will certainly offer. You do not need to have a medical degree to become a Medical Lab Technician. A Medical Laboratory Technician is an Associate Degree with a focus in the Medical Laboratory Science. Some universities, community colleges and trade schools provide this course. One can end up being a Medical Lab Technician in simply two years, often less.

Learn and pass all the subjects. Since this is a medical job, you might have to do a lot of memorizing, such as the terms used in the medical world, memorizing the parts of the anatomy, consisting of however not restricted to different capillary and where to injure. You would also need to learn and master the steps in performing the lab work, such as counting white and red blood cells, testing pee samples in addition to feces. It is very important that you know some chemistry and some science for you would be needed to mix some chemicals that you would have to utilize to run your laboratory tests.

Digging Deeper into Medical Technology

Pass the practical tests administered by your school. The practical tests would involve a few of the following: collecting body fluids such as, carrying out are when gathering blood. Screening the body fluids, knowing completion results compared with the typical results. Have the ability to collect and prepare the samples correctly for a Medical Technologist and Pathologist to do more tests. Understand and have the ability to in some way interpret the results if they are abnormal or normal, be able to make use of the laboratory tools properly in order to do the work correctly. Know that errors can adversely impact a doctor’s medical diagnosis, so it is essential to have an exact outcome as much as possible.

Reduction unnecessary tests by talking about why a scan is needed by a physician. Understand all the threats and benefits of tests.

Total and pass an internship after completing your school demands. The internship will certainly likewise supply you with practical experience that you can make use of as a reference when job hunting. You can apply at health centers, physician’s office or centers for a Medical Lab Technician’s job. Be ready to work long hours and different shifts.

Robot Exposed

Your sort of manufacturing and the products that you make on your production lines will dictate the kind of manufacturing, robotics that you can put on enhancing your business. The manufacturing, robotics that have been created are a result of the requirements that have been produced in the market to have devices that will cut costs, decrease manual efforts, and get products out the door so that customers can have them when they want them. Technology will continue to refine the method that manufacturing robots work, the sort of tasks that they can do, and the performance that they give overall production. The assets that manufacturing, robotics give to your company can be rated on a scale of importance based upon the contribution that they make and your expectations of the work that they do to make your operation more effective. When you are planning for manufacturing automation you will certainly assess the kinds of tasks that any given kind of robot can do in relation to the kinds of tasks that you want to automate your operation. Some robots will certainly be high up on your list for option and use, while others will not even make it to the list for factor to consider.

The requirements of small manufacturing for having the ability to effectively make products has actually assisted technology to create robots that are created for the smaller production facilities. In the start of robotic applications in production, the devices were made for and used in automobile plants and other larger facilities. Now the robots that were initially established for such operations have been established to be used in smaller shops. The effectiveness of automation devices has actually been enhanced and now occupy smaller footprints for production performances in small manufacturing operations.


You need to think about utilizing the SCARA robot if your operation has need of moving payloads from one point to another in your manufacturing. This device works effectively, and can be extremely forgiving while it is doing the work that you need. If you have need of placing a peg into a hole throughout item manufacturing, this device can adjust that operation to make sure that the peg is put into the hole even if the hole is not in the precise area that it need to be. Anywhere that there is a need for loading payloads, assembling products, or doing choice and place operations, this device can be thought about a good prospect of the task. The footprint of these devices is available in numerous sizes so that nearly any manufacturer can use one to help in production. Small appliance makers of different types have actually been using these devices with excellent success.

Another sort of robot that can be reliable for a small producer is the delta type. It is especially efficient in choice and place for small objects for product packaging and assembly. When you discuss delta robotics you are talking about speed. The ability to be extremely fast in combination with very exact in outstanding devices for making these devices except for dealing with conveyor belts. The belts bring randomly positioned objects down the line, while the delta robot is able to pick those random objects really properly to move them to a next phase of production. The special attributes of these devices that allows them to work really quickly with flimsy or delicate objects. These devices are fantastic tenders for other automation machines, having the ability to get an end-effector in the position precisely when another device is in need of it to continue the automation process. The sizing and efficiency built into servo motors that are taking legal action against in these robots allow these devices to be built in whatever size range is needed for production, without any loss of accuracy or speed.

Taking a look at the top level of complexity in robotics you can see the devices that carry out tasks like assembly of products. Consistency and repeatability are high virtues of these devices. Tooling that is at the completion of the arm of these devices has the capability to be really precise in the positioning of pieces in their correct places. These can make minor modifications in their work to fulfill the requirements of putting products together properly.

Articulated robots are the ones that have features that are carefully connected to human qualities. Each robot has a particular number of joints that rotate like a human. Some have more or less of these joints. An optimal number of joints is 6, which gives the robot six degrees of liberty. Each joint is generally driven by a servo-motor that assists the joint to move and turn to carry out automation functions. Given that these robots are so human-like they have a large range of abilities in carry out automation tasks. Raising payloads, and normally moving stuff from one place to another is a huge part of the life of the majority of articulated robots. The payloads can be anywhere from a couple of ounces to extremely heavy objects. These robots likewise have the speed and accuracy aspect opting for them. They can move very rapidly and duplicate tasks very properly. Since the servo-motor technology has been fine-tuned, the motors that drive each joint in among these robots can be very small. This makes smaller really efficient robots offered for smaller makers.

Usually the technology makes robotics better and smaller so that any task in automation can be achieved accurately by manufacturing robotics.


When you ‘re trying to find a dedicated server to run your website from, you most likely understand that you have a few choices in terms of the platform you pick for that server. The platforms heard of usually are Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac. And while numerous website owners understand that there are huge distinctions between a Windows or Mac system and Linux or Unix systems, they typically organize the 2 latter systems together.

This is by no fault of their own. Oftentimes, even web hosting will organize Unix and Linux systems together and use the terms interchangeably. There’s a great reason for it, as both of these platforms actually have many more similarities than they do differences. They are both open source software, implying that it will not cost you anything extra to use it. Both Linux and Unix are likewise highly trustworthy, and bring a few of the very best security you can find with any sort of server.

Continuing In This Direction..

It’s likewise crucial to understand that both Linux and Unix are platforms– similar to Windows or Mac. However, within these 2 particular platforms are numerous different kinds of operating systems, unlike Windows or Mac, which will have the exact same operating system as the platform name.

and if we expand from there..

The only genuine difference is how each of the platforms came into existence, and how they are treated and used today. Unix was the original of the 2, with Linux becoming a sort of “spinoff ” of Unix. Each are still their own platforms in their own rights, but when it comes to upgrades and the kind of software made use of, each will do this within the boundaries of that certain platform, and attempting to enhance on that platform alone.

UNIX training is for that reason being sought by numerous candidates, so that they can discover the software screening protocols on the UNIX platform. Such a kind of training is nowadays becoming essential due to the fact that of the enhancing use of technology in numerous application developing. There are a huge number of platforms and software languages, which have been introduced into the world of computing, so that people have the independence of making use of languages as per their convenience and contentment.

In this circumstance in mind, individuals are going for the Quick Test Pro or QTP training, so that they can work on the platforms on which applications are being established. Throughout the training schedule, individuals will have the ability to deal with various jobs on their own and the online variations will offer them mimicking troubles to deal with. These methods of training have actually been designed by the professionals in this field, with long years of experience and therefore the UNIX training consists of the best properties for the students. After these training programs are over, prospects can use in any business they really want and will certainly make it through the system of computer system screening stuff.

QTP understanding readies people to work with different procedures of computer software testing and provides a popular way of understanding the dependability, compatibility and working of numerous brand-new software and applications which are developed. Worldwide of computer system use, where software language programs and applications are being developed with a terrific speed, their release without being tested is something that will not be trusted by any person. To run these programs on the platforms across mobiles, computer systems, and other devices, these need to run through numerous testing protocols. Those who have actually gotten the UNIX training will be able to make sure that these programs are being run correctly in the field of computer system application and software development.

When such facets of application screening are being sought to be performed at the designer end, the Quick Test Pro training will come in useful for individuals due to the fact that they will have the ability to perform their expertise in such protocols. People are nowadays more interested in the proficiency in the running of numerous programs and for that reason they are offering more tension on the development of the best applications. UNIX and Quick Test Pro training has been designed in such a method that one can take a look at various modules throughout a wide variety of platforms.

Truly, unless you ‘re going to be installing it yourself and are worried about the installation process, or require special features such as PHP, you most likely will not see a big difference in between Linux and Unix. The two are actually so comparable that you ‘d have to understand the real technical facets of them to discriminate; and both will offer an impressive hosting experience. Best of all, both of them will likewise be much cheaper than working with a Windows or Mac server, as both Linux and Unix are open-source software that’s free to make use of.

Cloud Computing – Elements To Consider

Cloud Computing in easy terms, is an IP service rendered by a host computer, in order to supply support related to software, computing platform and infrastructure. It is a known fact that, internet is represented as a Cloud, on the computer flowchart and in telephone networks and it is by this representation that it has got its name as Cloud Computing.

Passing the meaning, Cloud Computing is a convenient means of having on-demand access to a group of shared and configurable computing resources. These resources can be offered with minimum interaction or management between the company and the client. It turns over services with a user’s data, software and computation over a network. It is a substantial overlap with software as a service or SAAS.

The end users can access the software connected to business or data stored on servers at remote areas. Cloud services, are provided through an internet browser from a desktop or a mobile application. Cloud computing main aspect is to supply easy provisioning and scalable access to clients with regards to Information Technology services. Cloud computing base is a more comprehensive perception of shared services and converged infrastructure.

Cloud computing is one means that info is shared within a company, a network, or a software application. The most usual use for cloud computing includes public clouds. This suggests that data and software details is in fact stored through an internet server rather of on a person’s computer. The individual user has the ability to access the details with internet browsers. A lot of people do not pay straight for the cloud service. Instead, the service is supplied by each user’s web browser.

Random Mind Blab About Cloud Computing

Another regular use for cloud computing is a community cloud. In this kind of design, different companies have access to the exact same information. Just those within a designated network might access the data, programs, and software applications that comprise the cloud. Neighborhood clouds frequently make use of in businesses that are divided into separate areas. When 2 or even more different companies or companies need to access the very same information, this type of cloud could also be discovered. In this case, the different networks would be able to share applications or details from a central data source.

A hybrid cloud is less usual than other system designs. This term could likewise be called a combined cloud or a mix cloud. Hybrids can include two different public or community clouds. In addition, a hybrid cloud model might be a specific public or community cloud that uses external or separated hardware devices. Though hybrid clouds have not been as popular with businesses as neighborhood clouds, the majority of computer specialists concurs that hybrid clouds are the future of cloud computing design.

Software based Cloud Computing- In this model of cloud computing, the cloud host installs and operates software and the users of the host equipment, are allowed to use the application. The cloud users do not have the have to manage the cloud infrastructure connected to the platform or the application. With this flexibility, the need to run an application and set up on users possesses system and they have to support and keep it gets gotten rid of. The main distinction between a cloud application and other generalized application is its flexibility of use. In order to satisfy the work need, cloning of tasks onto several virtual equipments is implemented. With the help of load balancers, the work is dispersed on the available set of virtual machines, but the user is produced with an idea of a single point access.

Infrastructure as a Service- In a cloud infrastructure, computers are offered to supply virtual or physical device functions such as block storage load networks, balancers and firewall softwares. In an Infrastructure as a cloud service, the users are supplied with the above said services, from their big pool of data source. Local area addresses, that include IP addresses, belong to this service. Large location network connection, internet is used as a medium to provider clouds which offer virtual private networks, which are configurable. The application software and the os images are installed on the cloud, to make it versatile for them to restore and preserve the operating system and the application software. As the service is offered with the utility billing, the proportion of use, by the cloud user, is billed as per the amount of resources designated and consumed. In basic terms Infrastructure-as-a-service is a property offered by enterprises, to their users, to take advantage of the additional storage area in servers and data.

Cloud computing services are available in four different kinds- public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and neighborhood cloud.

As Cloud Computing services can be accessed from anywhere by means of internet connectivity, it seems to be ubiquitous.

Enterprises can reduce costs in brand-new hardware deployments, for updating heritage applications as, the cloud services; will provide application on a service based platform.

Purchase of brand-new licenses for Operating system & & software is boils down as they can be available through a cloud, and the expense of renting them, will likewise be quite less, when compared with buying them.

With the cloud computing service, data storage likewise gets streamlined, as the enterprises can depend on private cloud storage, which can be accessed by their servers.

The IT management, head and administration count gets lower as the cloud services will offer it, via internet and lower the IT management extravagance.

With the regular developments in Cloud Computing innovation, the apprehensions connected to sustainability, legality, personal privacy, abuse, compliance and security are lessened with the time. Enterprises are creating particular executable principles, to conquer all the uneasiness and to make the best use of them.

Explaining Open Source Software

During the last 2 years, approximately, India has actually been a sufferer of Global recession. It triggered huge losses to the companies, leaving lots of as jobless. It further increased the rate of joblessness and made them as bankrupts in the society.

Many of them have actually assumed that there are no tasks at all in the IT industry and started losing their faith on the economic sector as a whole.

Prior to we discuss that in information, let us try to understand the term Open Source software development.

But, What About?

The software industry comprises businesses associated with the development, maintenance and production of the software. The industry likewise consists of the software services like the training and consultancy.

So, what does this mean?

The term Open Source describes the principles and methodologies of offering the full access to the manufacturing and design procedure for numerous items, services, resources, technical conclusions and guidance. The term is frequently put on the source code of a software or application for supplying the free access to the public with either lenient or nonexistent intellectual property rights. This permits the user to develop the user-generated software content, either as a specific or in partnership with somebody.

What About….

In contrary, the commercial software is only implied for costing different companies or the individuals. This proprietary or commercial software is too pricey to be purchased. The demand for Open source application is enhanced.

In spite of all these, the million dollar concern is, how far this Open Source software satisfies all our requirements.

In basic, we have a preconceived notion that spending the most amount of cash yields us better outcomes than the free one’s. Open source applications completely varied with this view and showed that even the free applications would perform far much better than the commercial softwares.

Open source software is far less expensive as compared to proprietary software and there are numerous open source software applications that come free of charge.

Several of these software applications offer free trial periods for you to try out the software before making a decision to get it.

Computer requires both the hardware and software for its smooth functioning. The computer software costs even more than the hardware, therefore, lots of users have been deprived of buying it. Instead, they turn to making use of the illegal variation of the software. This does not give them any legal right to own, distribute or utilize the item outdoors environment.

We typically suffer lots of viruses on our computer, this triggers the computer to be formatted at least once a month. Besides this, we are regularly targeted by the spammers. This is primarily due to, the 90 % of the computer users extremely rely on the commercial softwares for their everyday activities. Only the 10 % of the users depend on the open source applications. For that reason, all the viruses and spammers objective at damaging most of the computers.

Harmful software is a description of computer programs that install themselves on a PC without the user’s knowledge. They can damage computer data, reduce a computer’s performance and allow hackers, unauthorized access to the user and both computer’s personal details. If a computer becomes contaminated with malware it is essential it is getting rid of for both security and efficiency reasons.

Let us take an example from Microsoft, every one of us utilizes the Windows as our favored operating system. We constantly receive cautions from spammers, viruses and other notifications about the issues with our illegal versions of Windows. Throughout such celebrations, we can neither call the Microsoft given that Windows has been produced by it, nor utilize the illegal and corrupted software.

Usually it is possible to run the cloud with any OS that is Linux or Windows dedicated. Some of the most popular include Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Images. Others include 64 bit Linux Distributions. Several examples of those operating systems are Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, Unbuntu, Arch, Gentoo, and CentOS. Each of these has a specified purpose.

Rather, Open source applications supplied us with a chance to utilize and enjoy the safe and easily available software.

All these reasons and advantages have actually demanded the volunteer programmers to develop the open source applications keeping the entire source code in the public domain.

This empowers every developer and designer, to come forward at their own discretion, and customize it according to the demand common in the market. This requires no permissions to be obtained, no laws to be broken.

For that reason, open source applications are virus free and no spammers can attack their database due to its strengthened security.

Thus, open source applications are safe to use and our motherboards last much longer compare to that of Windows’.

Open source running systems like Linux, Unix, perform much quicker, as compare to that of windows and so on.

Some of the popular open source web browsers are: Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and so on. They are more user easy and friendly to navigate.

Due to all these advanced features, the demand for commercial browsers and software is gradually reducing.

Open source applications also consist of the files describing the steps and procedures to be followed while utilizing it on the pics. They can be found on the plenty of internet sites.

Keeping in mind the cost, speed, lack of virus attacks, spammers, precision, open source applications have actually risen to prominence.

As I’ve mentioned, the commercial softwares solely implied for selling to various companies and people across the globe. Companies that develop and sell the commercial softwares neither disclose the source code nor keep it in the public domain.

Besides its free cost and viruslessness, the Open Source Applications provide the direct access to the property developers. With Open Source Applications, the users can directly call the property developers and demand them to customize the applications according to their preferences.

Open source applications were developed by an open neighborhood of designers all taking part in creating, improving, testing and completing the application. Nobody has the proprietary rights to these community-developed applications, making them available for use freely by the public. That is why most open source applications are free to utilize by you or anybody else requiring such applications– as when it come to GPS tracking gadgets.

This provides the users a common platform to interact their demands and get them achieved.

A-z About Medical Technology

Students in master’s degree programs in technology discover to evaluate medical tests on physical fluids, such as blood, and other specimens, such as cells. Study and research are devoted to the goal of preventing or dealing with diseases. In preparation for a career in medical technology, students spend comprehensive time in laboratories, acquiring practical experience. It is common for students finishing clinical internships with affiliated or regional hospitals. Graduates typically earn a Master of Science in Technology degree.

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to a master’s degree program in medical technology. While an undergraduate degree in medical technology or a related field may be useful, it is rarely needed for admissions.

Medical technologists held over 172,000 tasks in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number was anticipated to grow 12 % by 2018. While development is promoted through brand-new tests, enhanced automation and simplification of tests restricts the number of medical technologists required. The job market was anticipated to be strong; nevertheless, due to a lack of qualified applicants relative to demand.

But, there’s so much more to consider.

Medical experts perform biomedical tests and research. With the increased requirement for medical technology as health care evolves, qualified medical experts are always in demand.

Even More Info….

All these professions in health care offers excellent benefits and a possibility to assist those in requirement. Medical professionals play such an important duty in society, making the medical field an excellent career selection.

It is possible to start a career in medical technology with a bachelor’s degree, though a master’s degree supplies more powerful career options. A Ph.D. in Technology is usually pursued just by people interested in education and advanced research. Not needed by law, certification is frequently preferred in this field. Several organizations offer certification, consisting of the American Technologists and the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel. Licensure is needed for technologists in some states.

Armed with a master’s degree in technology, you’ll be prepared for a career as a clinical laboratory technologist (also known as a medical technologist or clinical laboratory expert). You’ll work together with doctors and other health care experts to aid in the diagnostic procedure. You’ll use a range of tests to examine blood and tissue samples and help in the medical diagnosis of a health problem and condition.

For individuals with bachelor’s degrees, however, without a medical technology major, instructional demands typically take in between 12 and 18 months to complete. The credential earned is generally called a Medical Laboratory Technology Certificate of Proficiency, though it has other names. Classes cover medical microbiology, clinical chemistry, Parasitology, hematology, Parasitology, diagnostic immunology and clinical laboratory instrumentation.

With a master’s degree, you’ll also be qualified to work as a laboratory director. You could pursue positions in education and potentially, hospital administration. You may also discover a position working with pharmaceutical and equipment makers in sales or advertising.

If you’re interested in a master’s degree program in medical technology, you ought to have a bachelor’s degree in a clinical discipline, like microbiology or zoology. If your undergraduate degree is in an unrelated field, you could be required to finish core science and mathematics courses like human anatomy and physiology, calculus and stats. If you have previous expert experience as a clinical lab technician or technologist, you’ll be even better ready for the clinical rotations that are typically part of a master’s degree program.

Some master’s degree programs are meant for students who have actually currently made a bachelor’s degree in medical technology and have professional experience in the field. These programs include less theoretical classes and place an increased focus on building your innovative hands-on technical skills. Conversely, if you have a bachelor’s degree in an associated field, you can pick a 3-year academic degree program. These programs offer a more thorough introduction to the principles of medical technology professionals.

Online learning options are limited if you’re interested in making a master’s degree in technology. A lot of programs require students to write a thesis based on initial research or full clinical rotations at a regional health care facility or center. Therefore, they cannot be completed online.

Rarely, a program that does not require a thesis or other hands-on research may be completed completely online. You would finish a job based upon analysis of formerly collected information. Such a terminal degree program in technology may be proper if you’re interested in a career in education or medical administration. In these professions, you can work to enhance the standard of patient care supplied by medical labs.

On the other hand, the career opportunities of a medical technology graduate are limitless. You might work in a medical center property, clinics, public health facilities, commercial independent labs, and universities. In reality, a research study disclosed that the career possibilities for such field increased about 20 % within the last 10 years, that is at par with the development of all employment possibilities within America. Among the medical laboratory professionals, medical technology has the greatest rate of vacancy at 12.4 %. This just shows that there’s a high need for medical technologist, but only a couple have actually opted to venture into this task.

To conclude, medical technology offers medical technologist the possibility to discover lots of career chances in the health care company. With only simply many university, university student taking the roadway to become a clinical laboratory scientist, your opportunity of acquiring a high-paying task as a medical technologist is high. Begin accomplishing your goal now of getting a superb occupation by looking for the list of approved medical technology educational facilities on the internet and also the admission requirements of each school.

Think about options for additional development of intellectual property for method, principle, and/or device.

Robot: Not Black And White

From the robot maid Rosie in The Jetsons, to the famous droids of Star Wars R2-D2 and C-3PO, to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the function of a cyborg in The Terminator, to Robocop, I, Robot, The Matrix, Robots… Human beings have long been fascinated with the notion of robots, a term that can broadly be described as an artificial human being. While in the past humans only fantasized about them, today, many types of robots are a reality. For example, there are industrial robots, toy robots, robots that help in space exploration, robots used in the medical field, robots used in agriculture, to increasingly humanoid robots being created for the service sector, whether helping with the chores in the family or as caregivers for the elderly and the disabled.

Given below are a number of the types of robots that have been conceived by humans, many of whom are already in active use.

Robots today are being utilized in a variety of industrial applications. Any job that involves repetitiveness, accuracy, endurance, dependability, and speed can be achieved much better by robots; which is why many industrial jobs that used to be made by humans are increasingly carried out by robots. For example, for the past 30 years or so robots have increasingly taken over the fully automated production model of the automobile industry, wherein a chassis of a vehicle is transported along a conveyor belt and is welded, affixed, painted, and assembled by a sequence of robot stations. Some of the other industrial jobs robots are performing are palletizing and packaging goods, dispensing jobs, robots, and laboratory applications that pick miniscule electronic components from trays or strips and accurately place them on printed circuit boards in the electronics industry.

The Whole Robot Enchilada

Also known as Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, mobile robots are used for transporting material over large building complexes, such as hospital grounds, warehouses, and container ports, using wires or markers located in the floor, or lasers, or vision, to sense the environment they operate in. An advanced form of the AGV is the SGV, or the Self Guided Vehicle, like PatrolBot Gofer, Tug, and Speci-Minder. This can be taught to autonomously navigate within a space, or do it by being given a plan of the area. These robots have the ability of performing tasks that are non-serial and non-repetitive in environment that are complex, hence are defined as intelligent robots.

Although the idea of robots planting seeds, plowing fields, and gathering the harvest may seem straight out of a futuristic science fiction book, nevertheless there are a number of robots in the experimental stages of being used for agricultural purposes, such as robots that can pick apples, prune grapevines, transplant seedlings, and so on. In fact, there already is a kind of robot that shears sheep in Australia.

Random Mind Blab About Robot

Conceptually, these robot design kits are first cousins to the robotics work carried out by major companies today for example by Honda, whose robots can perform some incredibly human actions. Modern robotics is entering an extraordinarily exciting field now, in which robot hands (for example) can be powered by direct brain impulsesfor a human user in another country. The same sort of behaviour, though clearly on a much smaller scale, can be promoted in amateur robots using the right robot kits and a little bit of ingenuity.

For instance, using a sensor glove similar to the type sold for use with some modern gaming stations, it is theoretically possible to create a robot that is fed by the user using motions of his or her hand. So you could, then, build a robot hand that mimicked your exact hand movements enabling you to pick up objects inside tanks or in other locations where you cannot go yourself.

These robots are employed in places that are hazardous to humans, or are inaccessible or far away. A human operator located at a distance from a telerobot controls its action. This was accomplished with the branch of the space shuttle. Some other examples of telerobots are laparoscopic surgery being carried out with the help of a telerobot, or doctors using remotely located robots to communicate with their patients. This enables them to treat patients anywhere in the world. This has the full potential of patients in remote places of the world, without adequate medical facilities, being able to consult doctors across the world, or even in the following town, and the doctors in turn having the ability to monitor them. Telerobots are likewise useful in nuclear power stations where they, instead of humans, can handle hazardous material or undertake operations potentially harmful for humans.

Telerobots are particularly useful for space exploration. Some of the applications in space that are on anvil are robots used for the operation of satellites, robotic arms for manufacturing in space, robots used for constructing space ships and space stations, and so on.

Robot Arms: They help in the performance of the repair and assembly tasks on International Space Station and Space Shuttle that couldn’t be met by a human. Canadarm is the most notable among them.

Telerobots are also being increasingly used for military purposes, for instance the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle used for surveillance and also fire at targets. Some of them have even advanced to the degree of having the ability to automatically make decisions like choosing the location to fly to, and deciding which enemy target to engage with. Many telerobots are being used by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq to diffuse IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices. An Unmanned Ground Vehicle, or UGV, is on the anvil which can carry out military missions independently.

The Japanese are in the first line in these types of robots. Essentially, this category comprises any robot that is used outside an industrial facility, although they can be sub-divided into two main types of robots: one, robots used for professional jobs, and the second, robots used for personal use. Amongst the former type are the above mentioned robots used for military use, then there are robots that are used for underwater jobs, or robots used for cleaning hazardous waste, and the like.

Personal use robots are becoming ever more popular, with increased sophistication in Artificial Intelligence and with them becoming increasingly affordable, and are being seen in areas such as caregiving, pet robots, entertainment, and house cleaning. Although it is more costly and difficult to make highly intelligent and sensitive machines, but service robots designed with minimal intelligence are already fairly common, such as the vacuum cleaning robots.

The creation of the amazing walking humanoid named Asimo gave the impetus for several others, such as the house-helping robot named Wakamaru, and Aibo, the robot dog. Then there are the popular robocon competitions held in Japan, with robots playing soccer or having fighting matches.

Another area where personal use robots are being introduced is under the care for the elderly. In countries where there are growing numbers of the aged with comparatively fewer numbers of young people to provide them with care, due to low birth rate and increased longevity, such as is true in Japan and a growing number of Western countries, robots are increasingly thought to become the answer. These robots are being designed to provide physical services such as carrying bedridden elderly people (or even the handicapped), or washing for them, and doing various other day-to-day tasks. And then there are robots being designed to provide mental services, such as offering the therapeutic effect of interacting with the often lonely elderly people.

Humanoids are a big help to the corporation and for those people who can only afford it. They help people in any kinds of situation. In Japan, robots are very useful, but there’s a possibility that might loose the job of a hundred people. Most people don’t agree that robots are better than human. They still prefer people that created by God and not a robot created by human. They believe that if they would all relying on robots, it might end the human civilization.

Humanoids that aren’t perfect as human, serve also as entertainment purposes. Some people treat humanoids like a real human which most of the people thought that it was ridiculous. Male bought female humanoids and think of it as their partner, fellowship, or wife to make them satisfied. To have an ideal partner, they tend to buy humanoids even it’s worth a million dollars. It is like humanoids in anime where a son and a girl fall in love and humanoids turn into a genuine human. It is a need to those people who’re not satisfied.

Japan created humanoids first in anime to portray of what’ll happen to the future. They see it in anime as a big necessity in the human society. Most people in Japan invented this machine to make it as a reality from humanoids that are seen on animation. Those humanoids that are established by human aren’t perfect as what people expected in animation. They may have advantages and disadvantages. However, we’re in the modern technology this coming year, man that created robot will never be as perfect as what God has created to each all of us.

Hence, the trend is towards developing more and more sophisticated humanoid types of robots, with human-like physical features and intellectual abilities.

Open Source Software – A Closer Look

Today most businesses do not have to worry about what vendor to purchase their hardware from since it’s all pretty much universal. Instead, they have to worry about which software they’ll use to implement the business on that hardware. There are numerous choices, from pre-packaged off-the-shelf solutions, in-house designed and developed solutions, custom contracted designs, etc. Then there’s open source – a relative newcomer to most businesses, but in particular, one that is developing in acceptance at companies around the world.

So what exactly is open source? Generally speaking, it is software that is provided under an open license – you get the source code and then you’re free to do with it what you wish. You can run it as-is, customize it or use it as an integral part of another package. Businesses have warmed up to open source computing in recent years since it allows them to become more agile in choosing solutions and software that fit their business needs. They are no longer locked into one particular vendor, or locked out of software altogether, because the price tag is too high. It allows them to put a large part of their in-house programming and IT talent to work designing the specific software that holds the business rules for the business instead of redesigning common applications – like accounting packages, web servers, etc.

There’s Always More About Open Source Software…

Of course, as the expression goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Free comes with drawbacks – the one of the major drawbacks for any business looking to go the open source route, is the subject of support for the system they’re running. Just imagine a business using an open source accounting package and it fails – without support the level of time and potential lost revenue the business would suffer could be enormous. It is because of this that many companies, when looking at the open source route, do so not with the free price tag in mind, but instead they think about value-added support services offered by third-party companies.


While the software may be free, many companies pay for these support contracts to ensure that when things go wrong there is someone on the other side of the phone to assist them. A number of vendors have turned to this model, taking open source software such as the Linux OS, and packaging it with support services and offering that to customers. In fact, this trend of bundling open source software with support and implementation services has become so popular, that many commercial vendors that may already provide us with products such as HP servers, software, and Sun servers, have started looking at offering similar programs or revamping their product lines to take advantage of open source developments.

Other Important Open Source Software Considerations

Open source software is generally free. So is the virtual world of support through the community forums regarding software. Live assist such as forums and chat often comes with nearly every Linux software package. There are options to obtain added support with open source software. However, it is always going to be much less expensive than investing on the essential commercial software alternative. With open source software, you’ll get superior software at a reduced price than commercial software, in addition to you are not being locked into restrictive software which will continually need improvements and customer back up.

It is a fairly easy decision to go with the possibility that will better go well with your personal as well as business wants by using all of the benefits of open source software over the big brand commercial software. If you ever think it isn’t up to your mark, try some other program. It is possible that you may never need to handle commercial software again. There are lots of options that can answer your needs with open source software.

So is open source right for your business? That all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Nothing is ever a perfect fit for every business. Each business must decide what it wishes to spend its limited resources on. However, for most companies, the road to open source computing is looking bright and widening by the day. Proprietary, closed software packages may one day be something we only talk about in the IT history books.

Medical Technology – Reality Check

Medical technology has grown leaps and bounds especially from the standpoint of producing advanced devices that will help people maintain their good health and save more lives.

Most medical devices are used to help diagnose and treat certain diseases so if it isn’t working as it should, it can pose life-threatening dangers.

Which leads us to….

Medical devices, like any other products, operate on the premise that it will function in the manner in which it is supposed to. Medical products in particular, provide people who use it the guarantee that it’s a safe to use and will adequately address certain health concerns.

More Random Medical Technology Stuff

Medical librarians, medical billers and coders are part of the other jobs that do not require hands-on care. Health insurance companies provide many career opportunities for health care providers including case management, medical reviews and medical authorizations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal agency tasked to assess the safety and efficacy of medical devices before it is marketed to the public.

Aside from approving new products before it is released, the CDRH also investigates reports of defective medical devices.

If a medical device is found to hold a safety defect, the CDRH can recommend a product recall to the manufacturers.

Medical device manufacturers usually comply by doing a voluntary product recall to avoid possible lawsuits and further damage to their image.

Two medical device manufacturers have been getting a great deal of attention as a result of allegations about some possible defective products.

Some patients were experiencing sudden shocks after being implanted with the device according to reports.

Two more companies, Centurion Premie and Meconium Packs also issued product recalls for their pediatric tracheal tubes.

Investigations found out that the tubes manufactured have a smaller internal diameter than what was listed on the label.

It sounds like a small thing. However, a few millimeters can tell the difference between life and death to some patients.

If you’re currently using any medical device, you should keep yourself informed about the latest product recalls announced by the FDA.

You should also be mindful of all the possible consequences of the medical device to your body, whether it is the primary function of the device or just a side effect.

The manufacturer or vendor of the medical device should make a full disclosure about all the important information regarding the product including proper use, warranties, and possible harmful effects.

If not, you may find yourself surprised and shocked that the instrument that is meant to help you is harming you.