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Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have very different consumer bases. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays, they currently have over 1.15 billion users. Because of this, many users feel that they can’t post certain content. On the contrary, twitter allows a level of anonymity; you can even be yourself. This difference leads to Twitter providing access to many levels of honest feedback from users that they do not get out of Facebook.

Twitter vs Facebook, Twitter facebook

Twitter is proactive; Facebook is reactive! Facebook’s most common use is to keep people informed of what’s happening while Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself. Trends on twitter provide one with and update of whats going on in the world.

Twitter is a Mac; Facebook is a PC! We all know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Twitter hasn’t been cluttered by ads and multimedia. Twitter’s stock is not as volatile as Facebook’s.

Twitter vs Facebook; the battle of social media dominance is never ending! Well twitter is still private, so they do not give the earning reports but yeah its headquarters are smiling when thinking about the direction the company is heading though!

Twitter vs Facebook; A tale of two sites. This year, Twitter bought Vine, a video sharing app and quickly integrated it into the company. Facebook bought Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app. Facebook, however makes money from advertising and online games and other apps built on top of its platform.

Time will tell how twitter stands above and against Facebook but whatever happens, I bet we’ll hear about it on twitter first!

Knowledge Management Vs. People Management

As long as a silent debate prevails here, it is of utmost notice in terms of knowledge and its angles contained within the people and technology in today’s era. Knowledge management is a fully driven scope in today’s world in which staff members can benefit from the stored data.

Though data and knowledge management are entirely two different entities, one must keep in mind that the latter depends precisely upon one’s experience of storing and organizing the relevant information corresponding to one’s task.

Knowledge Management Vs. People Management,

As cited in Bhojaraju G, knowledge management is a basic organization approach which not only helps in grouping different contexts in the same place but also assists in selecting keen advisories for evoking a keen management team.  Knowledge management requires strict analysis of the needs of the prevailing knowledge. After further analysis, it is important to cite down certain researches within the human mind as to what are major goals that a knowledge seeker may entail to. This is with regard to the reflexes of one’s memory.

The human memory has remarkable capability of adjusting to the features presented to it by a relevant organization. It may change with flexibility obeying to the commands that one may want the knowledge seeker to pursue making him learn the new ways of the organization’s knowledge. However, if the knowledge is  analysed quickly, there comes the usage ad acquisition of further knowledge and in turn sharing it with others which proves the knowledge management’s keen operating system as mentioned above.

Microsoft Executives Nervous About Restructuring Plans

Microsoft Executives Nervous About Restructuring Plans, Steve Ballmer Microsoft restructuring Microsoft Mangament reorganization microsoft

Washington – Microsoft is headed for a big change and it’s making executives very nervous.

“Microsoft has not seen a change like what is expected to come since some similarly dramatic rejiggerings were done by former CEO and co-founder Bill Gates during his tenure. It feels like it is going to be titanic — that Steve (Ballmer) is doing this change for his legacy,” a source said. It has been noted that most of the top executives in Microsoft have been left out in the decision making process and that has made them feel on edge about their fate.

In a shareholder letter that Steve Ballmer sent out last fall, he stated that a major management reshuffling plan was in the works. He mentioned that his plans were geared towards making Microsoft a “devices and services company”. This is to maximize Microsoft’s growth and revenues over the next decade.

Ballmer is set to unveil his reorganization plans on Monday, July 1.

Rumor has it three Microsoft executives will gain new power when the plans take full effect – Satya Nadella (Microsoft Server and Tools president),Tony Bates (Skype and Lync),  and Don Mattrick ( head of Interactive Entertainment division and Xbox).

The three executives were profiled by Kevin Laughlin in the beginning of the month.

The lack of internal information about the upcoming management changes is causing a bit of discomfort among Microsoft employees. However, some are still hopeful that Ballmer’s plans won’t cause a major cutback on the workforce.