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Impact of a proposed union of doctors

Should we stop to reimburse patients when they consult doctors practicing exorbitant rates? It is, in any case, that advocates UMESPE (National Union of Medical Specialists Confederate), the largest union of medical specialists Liberals. This proposal shock is launched just days before the opening of negotiations – which should begin Sept. 5 – between unions, health insurance and supplementary health on how to reduce the “excess fees”, these Medical pricing far exceeding the amount determined by the social security system. 

Impact of a proposed union of doctors, union social security doctors

Up to ten times the price of the Social Security

The union has in its sights the “300 physicians stars”, including 150 engaged in public hospitals, which are often very heavy hand. “They charge up to ten times the price of the Social Security! So you must tell them: You return to acceptable levels of fees, or leave the system of national solidarity , “says Dr. Jean-François Rey, President of the UMESPE. The problem is that this sanction would sanction equally challenged doctors and their patients, since they would no longer be reimbursed. “An insured can be treated without necessarily going through these practitioners there,” replies Dr. Rey. Even take the risk of cutting the flower of French medicine? “Do not tell me they may go abroad: in France there are doctors who work known worldwide on safe costs,” concludes Jean-François Rey.

German business confidence fell to its lowest level since March 2010

The indicator of German business confidence in August saw its fourth consecutive monthly decline to stand at 102.3 points from 103.2 the previous month, representing the lowest level of the indicator since March 2010, as reflected in the survey of the German Institute for Economic Research (Ifo).

German business confidence fell to its lowest level since March 2010, Ifo German business confidence

The Ifo indicator, regarding the current situation stood at 111.2 points, down from 111.5 the previous month, while business sentiment indicator dropped to 94.2 basis points, compared to 95.5 July.

“The German situation continues to weaken,” warned a reporting Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn, who has said that the decline in the index is due to the murky world’s expectations and the debt crisis in Europe .

“The decline was weaker than the previous month,” stressed the President, noting that the current rating has deteriorated slightly, although companies expressed “more pessimistic” about the future.

Aena airports reduced to eight operating hours to save

Aena airports reduced to eight operating hours to save, cost Airport Efficiency Plan AenaEight of the 17 airports in the Aena network, those with less than 500,000 passengers, including the Airport Efficiency Plan, and two heliports, begin to adjust operating hours this Thursday.

Specifically, the airports are: Pamplona, Burgos, Vitoria, Logroño-Agoncillo, Huesca Pyrenees, in general aviation Córdoba, Sabadell and Son Bonet, and two heliports Algeciras and Ceuta .

The adjustment does not affect Canada’s airports, San Sebastian and Four Winds, which have not changed its operating schedule.

While in the case of air bases Valladolid, Leon, Badajoz, Salamanca, Albacete and Madrid-Torrejón, the entry into force of the new operating schedule is delayed pending approval by the Interministerial Commission between Defense and Development (CIDEFO ), which, according to AENA, expected  to take place after the summer.

As previously announced Development, is also expected that the operations of civil aircraft flights or business executives in Torrejón de Ardoz be moved to Madrid-Barajas Airport in late 2012.

However, despite changing times, Aena Airports understands that airports and heliports are always operational for emergencies and to transport organs for transplantation, in the same conditions as the present.

This measure will lower work in 185 hours daily in operational services in these facilities, with the goal of reducing by 50% its losses in 2013 and help reduce the debt being accumulated, which is almost 15,000 million euros.

The Minister for Public Works, Ana Pastor, has estimated 50 million euros in savings, achieved by the Airports Efficiency Plan which includes three lines of action.

Among them, the demand adjustment to flight schedules, the adequacy of cleaning, maintenance and security, etc. .. to real needs in several airports combine processes at different levels to harness resources and time flexibility and mobility in the templates.

PSA could leave the CAC 40

PSA could be excluded from the CAC 40 according to experts. The commercial and financial difficulties have reduced the manufacturer’s market capitalization by 72% since early 2011. Penultimate value of the CAC40, the title is the most endangered output, “unless an exceptional decision, politically motivated” according to the analysts at Exane BNP Paribas .

The decision should be announced no later than September 7.

PSA could leave the CAC 40, PSA capitalization CAC 40

The German economy goes into surplus for the first time since 2007

Germany returns to surplus in the first half of 2012 to 8,300 million euros . Since 2007, all had been red and the party responsible for this budget are social security contributions.

The first preliminary calculations indicate that, from January to June, the German budget recorded a surplus, 0.6% of GDP .

The German economy goes into surplus for the first time since 2007, German gdp economyData published this morning by the Federal Bureau of Statistics indicate that the decisive game is Social Security which entered during those months, 11,600 million euros, offsetting the deficit records the state, Länder and municipalities of 3,300 million.

Thanks to the enviable health enjoying employment in Germany, with over 40 million trades workers,  in the history of the Federal Republic and generate revenues in taxes, an income of 109,100 million euros in the first half, an increase of 6.3%, with social contributions, 217,900 million, an increase of 2.8%. During that same period, state spending increased only 0.8%, allowing a positive balanced data.

Recovery is even more surprising considering that 2011 ended with a deficit of 1% in the accounts of the State and in the first quarter of 2012 the state was spending 33,000 million  more than they entered. However, the Bundesbank cautioned against complacency and warns the year ahead and that the official deficit forecast for late 2012 is installed in 0.5%.

The German deficit in December lean towards positive or negative seems to depend on the situation. Today has also been confirmed that German GDP is growing at 0.3% quarterly in the second quarter, but that figure is facing a European economic slowdown, ending inevitable effects.

If they want to keep that glossy Merkel budget surplus, as worn in the forthcoming election campaign, they should know how to encourage the growth of its European neighbors .

Lebanon: 5 dead and 43 wounded in Tripoli

At least five people were killed and 43 injured in clashes on Tuesday in Tripoli, the largest city in northern Lebanon regularly subject to sectarian clashes.

Lebanon: 5 dead and 43 wounded in Tripoli, Tripoli lebanon Bashar al Assad

The exchange of fire continued late Tuesday afternoon, according to the security services and the army. These armed clashes held intermittently since the beginning of the crisis in Syria 17 months ago, against the inhabitants neighborhood of Bab el-Tebbaneh, mostly Sunni and hostile to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, to those of Jabal Mohsen neighborhood pro-Assad Alawite. Two residents of Jabal Mohsen and Bab el-three Tebbaneh were killed on Tuesday, including a boy of 13 years, according to a security source. At least 33 civilians on both sides were wounded in 24 hours, while a military statement reported ten wounded soldiers, including an officer, by gunfire with targeted positions and military patrols. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati warned against these “absurd battles.” Revolt in Syria exacerbating tensions in Lebanon, which has seen 30 years of Syrian hegemony and remains deeply divided between opponents and supporters of the Assad regime.

Security: Holland promises additional staff and resources

Security: Holland promises additional staff and resources, “The government will mobilize all its means to fight against violence,” said Francois Hollande. Two months after the death of two policemen Berthaut Audrey, 35, and Alicia Champlon, 29, the head of state visited on Tuesday Pierrefeu-du-Var (Var), precisely 100 days of his election, the President has once again interrupted his vacation to address the issue of security, “not only a priority but an obligation.”

Francois Hollande promised additional staff and resources for police and gendarmerie. The President ensures that the state will mobilize all resources to fight against insecurity more resources, more intervention, more coordination between security forces, justice and local government. Francois Hollande has praised the work of police and gendarmes for ensuring confidence in the security forces.

Before his speech, Francois Hollande met in private with the family of Audrey Berthaut, shot in Collobrières June 17, alongside Alicia Champlon. Although they welcomed the “care” of the president, his father “regretted that he did not come forward,” seeing it as an operation of “communication”. “In my mind, it’s two months too late, we had to do the national tribute  in Hyères, ” says Claude Berthaut. At the funeral of two policemen on June 22, Francois Hollande, returning from a meeting of G20 in the United States, was represented by his Deputy Chief of Staff. Claude Berthaut has instead paid tribute to the Minister of Interior, Manuel Valls, “which has shown great concern for (his) family” and the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, according to him, he came to pray with discretion, “without fanfare” before the coffins of two policemen. This shift also coincides with the violent clashes between police and young people, who kindled the neighborhood of Amiens-Nord, on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Sixteen policemen were injured . Saturday, Francois Hollande had already made a foray in the field of safety by visiting the bedsides of victims of a robbery at Grenoble University Hospital. Upon leaving the hospital, he announced that Grenoble could join the list of priority areas of security, which is part Amiens-Nord.