Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts

When it comes to the major crimes (murder, theft and so on) everyone knows not to do them and the vast majority of people would never dream of committing them. However, like it or not, there are some offenses that somehow still don’t register as “real crimes” in the minds of a lot of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts,

Drink driving and driving without insurance are two such offenses. Both of them are irrefutably illegal and morally wrong, but many drivers still consider them to be ‘victimless crimes’ because they rationalise that nobody gets hurt if they get away with it.

This kind of logic is so often tragically dashed once the driver in question becomes involved in an accident. Not only are there the obvious consequences of damages to both people and property, there are more long-lasting effects as well that many blasé drivers will not have even considered.

Car hire is one of these additional problems that will affect those who have suffered a disqualification from holding a driver’s license or incurred a series of major endorsements.

Car Hire Problems for Disqualified Drivers: The Facts,

Most drivers will already know that minor endorsements on their license – such as speeding – will be wiped off after a period of time usually amounting to around 3 years, depending on the severity of the infraction. Provided that the endorsements didn’t result in a period of disqualification, the penalty points will be removed along with all subsequent problems that go with them (e.g. higher insurance costs, etc).

This is not the case with major offenses that involve a disqualification. If you are disqualified from driving for endorsements such as those coded DR10 (drink driving) or IN10 (driving without insurance) then the conviction will not be removed from your license for the next 10 years. This is the case even if the ban period is significantly shorter, such as 1-3 years.

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Clearly this means that the disqualification will continue to have a marked effect on the offender’s life even after the ban has run its course. Not only will their insurance remain markedly higher but hiring a car will be all but impossible. This is because the majority of car hire firms will not accept a driver with a DR10 or IN10 endorsement on their license, even if their ban period is over.

Policies differ from company to company and other countries have slightly different rules on the subject but the overwhelming majority of cases will find such drivers to be out of luck and out of options. This is just one more reason to avoid these crimes which may be viewed by some as minor but are all too serious in reality.

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