Biggest thing to expect this season in F1!

Jean-Eric Vergne is better. Author of a spectacular exit track Sunday in Monza (Italy), the Torro Rosso driver became a scare. “I bruised muscles a little, smiled the French driver. It’s not much, but it hurts a little. “The 22 year old young man is now preparing for the Grand Prix at Singapore (September 23) where he hopes to garner points at the start of the last lap of his first season in Formula 1.

Biggest thing to expect this season in F1!, Jean Eric Grand Prix formula 1

You counted eight points after thirteen GP Is that your target early this season? Jean-Eric Vergne answered “I did not really set targets. I arrived in Formula 1 just waiting to see what would happen. This is a good season, I learned a lot and I take a lot of pleasure. But it’ll take a few years to be at the top of the plateau.

Are you optimistic for the last six Grand Prix? The team is not at the level of performance we expected at the beginning of the championship . I do not think you can expect much more this season even if’m still 110% in every race. We are already working on the next car that I hope we will be able to gain more points with.

Who do you think will win the title this season? Championship is so tight and there are still many races to go so it is very difficult to make a guess. Anything can still happen. But I hope it will be a driver of Red Bull.

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