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7 Staying-at-home-and-making-money Business Ideas for Women


7 Staying at home and making money Business Ideas for Women, women small scale ideas home based business

Economy is becoming tougher, are you?

For all the stay-at-home housewives, who are talented and believe in lending an earning hand to their spouses, this article is just the thing! While nursing your children is equally important, today’s economy does not let a single man to earn for the entire household. The better half has to put in some role to eek out a decent earning at the end of the month.

I have presented a few ideas how to earn at home:

1.     Online Work Opportunities

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Fashion designing
  • Accessory Designing
  • Gift Packing and Delivering
  • Tutoring
  • Baking
  • Web Designing

2.     Catering Services

Use your culinary skills professionally. Start on a small scale, like taking orders of your neighbor’s house-buying party. Publicize your business through local radio, or put up pamphlets at ladies parlor.

3.     Wedding Planner

This business will take much of your time. Again the breakthrough wedding will be of any relative or friend.

4.     Copywriting Services

Only if you have a thing on the literary side; they do not require much effort and pay decent.

5.     Virtual Assistant

The one who sits back at her house and act as an assistant to any businessman. Take notes, fix meetings, order lunch all while sitting in your couch.

6.     Bird Farming and Breeding Business

Indeed, very profitable it is! Buy at least 4-7 pairs of any species, keep them for 3-4 months, they’ll multiply by then.  Sell them and ENJOY!!!

7.     Storage Business

Storing essential oils such as palm oil, or soy and red beans in the peak season, then selling them at a higher price off season is yet another money-making business.

Power of social media

Your first addiction may have been choclate. Next… maybe you couldn’t turn your head away from the TV when teletubbies was on. Now, you can’t stop jumping all around your family room hooked up to your Wii. But the worst has yet to be here..Are you also addicted to a cell phone

We are all a little bit guilty to spend too much time on our cell phones these days. Besides calling your mom to tell her you’re going to be home late for supper, you can text your friends, play video games, take pictures, make movies, find yourself on a live map from a satellite… it’s so addicting!

A good question to ask yourself is if you are using your cell phone too much? Here is a list of examples why you might be addicted to your cell phone:

You spend more money on the accessories of your phone, You have 10 apps and you use them all, Your phone bill is more than $150 a month, You run out of battery power every day, You use your phone in the bathroom also..

There is no doubt that cell phone is one of a great invention, that makes our lives easier and help us communicate. But let’s be honest… we shouldn’t use them all the time just to entertain ourselves. Life is not always about entertainment and fun. If you think you are addicted to your cell phone, you should seriously try to cure your addiction.

Everything has a good side and a bad side. However, we should not exploit the use of technology.

Power of social media, teens Mobile addiction

Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have very different consumer bases. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays, they currently have over 1.15 billion users. Because of this, many users feel that they can’t post certain content. On the contrary, twitter allows a level of anonymity; you can even be yourself. This difference leads to Twitter providing access to many levels of honest feedback from users that they do not get out of Facebook.

Twitter vs Facebook, Twitter facebook

Twitter is proactive; Facebook is reactive! Facebook’s most common use is to keep people informed of what’s happening while Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself. Trends on twitter provide one with and update of whats going on in the world.

Twitter is a Mac; Facebook is a PC! We all know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Twitter hasn’t been cluttered by ads and multimedia. Twitter’s stock is not as volatile as Facebook’s.

Twitter vs Facebook; the battle of social media dominance is never ending! Well twitter is still private, so they do not give the earning reports but yeah its headquarters are smiling when thinking about the direction the company is heading though!

Twitter vs Facebook; A tale of two sites. This year, Twitter bought Vine, a video sharing app and quickly integrated it into the company. Facebook bought Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app. Facebook, however makes money from advertising and online games and other apps built on top of its platform.

Time will tell how twitter stands above and against Facebook but whatever happens, I bet we’ll hear about it on twitter first!

Knowledge Management Vs. People Management

As long as a silent debate prevails here, it is of utmost notice in terms of knowledge and its angles contained within the people and technology in today’s era. Knowledge management is a fully driven scope in today’s world in which staff members can benefit from the stored data.

Though data and knowledge management are entirely two different entities, one must keep in mind that the latter depends precisely upon one’s experience of storing and organizing the relevant information corresponding to one’s task.

Knowledge Management Vs. People Management,

As cited in Bhojaraju G, knowledge management is a basic organization approach which not only helps in grouping different contexts in the same place but also assists in selecting keen advisories for evoking a keen management team.  Knowledge management requires strict analysis of the needs of the prevailing knowledge. After further analysis, it is important to cite down certain researches within the human mind as to what are major goals that a knowledge seeker may entail to. This is with regard to the reflexes of one’s memory.

The human memory has remarkable capability of adjusting to the features presented to it by a relevant organization. It may change with flexibility obeying to the commands that one may want the knowledge seeker to pursue making him learn the new ways of the organization’s knowledge. However, if the knowledge is  analysed quickly, there comes the usage ad acquisition of further knowledge and in turn sharing it with others which proves the knowledge management’s keen operating system as mentioned above.


Here, collaboration may also be termed as inter-dependency. Regardless of the matter being quite vague and simple, this is to make the most common factors aware for a renowned business executive to spread his wings farther along with a team. A team, of course, may consist of a few members or even more members than a standard team depending on the task.


There are a number of collaboration tools available that help the entire team to comprehend the natural standards of being called as a team. Each team member on the team is nevertheless responsible for a certain task or for a certain amount to be carried out. Needless to point our the importance of proficiency and accuracy, the team leader would also make it obvious by restricting each and every member to his own task and would abandon poking and peeking into other’s noses for better results.


In same cases, there are also certain cases in which one would need the help of the other person in order to declare victory for an assigned task. All of this especially depends on a business executive’s role which is definitely required for the team’s keen collaboration with each other. At some time, a perturbing question may be raised which would be pursued by many of the team members outlining their respective tasks. However, each team member should also take this magnificent opportunity to understand the need and the meaning of a team.

images (14)

Teamwork casts the exact operations on the team members depending on their individual capabilities, their set of mind and their behavioural manipulation according to the task.


Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?

Has Technology Improved Our Living Standards?, tele communication technology medicine living standards improved gadgets

With the advent of 21st century, technology has promptly advanced in every possible field. Whether it is medicine, tele-communication, education or gadgets, technology up gradation has affected us all.

It is impossible for me to recall the exact size of computers, although I can easily recall the latest, tiniest tablet PC in market. This is what technology is all about; connecting people globally, fitting PCs into your pockets and allowing you to control lights via your smart phone.

About 20 years back, few understood the word cell phone and fewer actually owned it. Today, few people live without it. No more it is a luxury; cell phones have become an obligation and an inevitable piece of metal to us.

Trade and business sector is booming with profits, mortal and incurable diseases are eradicated from the world, emergencies and natural calamities are being tackled successfully; all because of what? Only, technological advancements!

Tiresome calculations and lengthy data entry is now computers’ job not ours. This has not only reduced labor cost for the employees but also saves time.

With the advancement in technology numerous ways of communication have also been developed. Social networking websites, email, and faxes are a few means which have made it easier to communicate throughout the world. Technology has also facilitated man in the field of medicine. It is now possible to detect and prevent various diseases through X-rays, C.T scans, MRI and shots. Organ transplantation and manufacturing new drugs has become easy.

Acquiring education through 3D multimedia and projectors has made it more effective.


Top 5 most dangerous sports:


When entertainment is combined with recreation, vitality and rejuvenation it’s called sports. So are you a sports fan with an athletic bug that is too craved to be calmed down? Does sit not let you sit with ease?

Then go and lift your spirits up. Try out as many sports that you love and as many as you can try out, just  be extra careful when you go with some of the following as they may not look but are terrifyingly the most dangerous sports ever:

  1. So the first on our list comes out to be cave diving. Low light, freezing temperature, limited oxygen and some animals dwelling in the cave may all be along your way when you opt for this sport.
  2. Base jumping seconds our list. This sport is dangerous enough to be compared to an attempted suicide. This illegal sport makes you vulnerable to all kinds of physical injuries. If you survive, you be the king and if give way, you rest in peace.
  3. Let’s put bull riding on the third position. If you’re in a mood for breaking your jaw, knee cap, ribs (especially, when the angry bull steps all over you), you may want to go for the sport. Mr. Bull only with a few jolts may bring you to ground.
  4. So the fourth position is occupied by: cheer leading. Wondering why? Take a look at the stunts they perform. Lifting each other up in the air or performing a jump all by themselves with great calculations. What if they miss one of their calculations landing in a slapdash manner? So obvious, they would “break a leg”.
  5. The fifth most dangerous sport is: football. How come? ER cases report that majority of the patients come with football injury. Of course the injury is that of the lower limb. Most of the people suffer with a broken toe.

So folks, next time you show any of your muscle power in the field, don’t forget to be super cautious about all the sports mentioned above.

MCG, World Cup Final 2015: Can history be repeated for Pakistan?

MCG, World Cup Final 2015: Can history be repeated for Pakistan?, The Melbourne Cricket Ground pool matches ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 February 14 Australia 100 000+ eyewitnesses

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia will entertain us with yet another vivacious finale of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015; a straight 23 years after an overflowing crowd of 100,000+ buffs of cricket extravaganza witnessed the Pakistani Captain Imran Khan lift the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy, 1992. Hopes and anticipations for Cricket World Cup can never precipitate among the Pakistani cricket devotees; now with their propitious cricket ground this finale, cricket fanaticism among the overly obsessed Pakistani cricket fans is crossing the maximum!

The tournament will open on February 14 with co-hosts Australia and New Zealand playing their first pool matches against England and Sri Lanka, cheered by their home crowds.

Pakistan gets access to the picture on February 15, taken on by the defending champions as well as the arch-enemy, India. The aroma of Pakistan vs. India matches has always attracted crowds to an all different extent. Fans pour in from all parts of the world. Stands are set to fire. Cheers, shouts and cries, from all directions, continue to roar up all matches long. This particular battle also expects 100,000+ eyewitnesses. Sad for the well-wishers of Pakistani cricket, India has never lost to Pakistan in any of their five World Cup encounters to date! If this happens again in that match, it would be unfortunate for the moral of Pakistani players. Also, losing the first match has been a bad omen since ages.


In order to recapitulate the entire concept of social media, twitter will be among the amenable team of the curtailing media of which Facebook and YouTube are also a part. Surprisingly twitter has had more registered users than before, but with time, statistics have reported that only 100 out of 500 million users are active.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing


As twitter users would have it, one would consider twitter to be the best search engine if compared to Yahoo and Bing. If you even consider the joint statistics of the search hits on Yahoo and Bing, Twitter would still have topped it as searching relevant topics on it seems quite facilitated. Secondly, twitter is and had been used as one of the top most websites for advertisement and business as 50% of the revenues generated on twitter are mainly due to the latter’s peak interests.


Over the past few years, Twitter has had Lady Gaga boiling the tweets and her followers surpassing Justin Bieber and Barack Obama as well in 2012. However, as mentioned above, Twitter would not be considered as a practitioner for a balanced diet in both the corporate and the incorporate world. The main reason and perhaps the only reason for Twitter to lag behind Zuckerberg’s seemingly indefensible and untenable world would be its complexity and the lack of user controlled options.

CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING THE TWITTERING BIRD, Zuckerberg YouTube Yahoo Twitter Tumblr follow facebook Bing

So far so good, Twitter has been quite informative for people who wish to follow their celebrities’ daily tweets among which Justin Bieber, the sensational rock star has been quite lucky in capturing millions of fans worldwide through this tweeting enterprise. Also, 95% of the tweets on Twitter are retweeted from the original tweets which amenably would belong to celebrities other than just normal users tweeting about their daily cooking experiences.