Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market

The hangover of the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple has led the former’s actions fall 8% after its defeat in the ‘fight’ for patents.

Apple calls to ban eight Samsung phones in the market, samsung patent apple

The market value of the South Korean electronics giant has dropped to 10,000 million euros. By contrast, Apple shares have marked a rise of about 3% and a record $ 680.7.

But if that was not enough, Apple now calls for prohibiting market eight models of smartphones manufactured by South Korean rival. Among them, four variants of the Galaxy S2 phone, as is clear from the court papers.

20 ‘smartphones’ 

The jury ruled that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents in more than 20 smart devices . However, many of them are from last year and are no longer on the market.

Samsung will continue to fight against U.S. jury decision that awarded the apple company compensation of nearly 1,000 million. And asked to suspend the current ban on selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, because the jury found no violation in the design of this tablet.

Apple seeks to halt also two models of Galaxy S and the Droid Charge and Galaxy prevail.

Samsung has stressed that the California decision has been different from that of other judgments in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and the Netherlands, as it was the first time in the patent war that decided a jury and not judges.

The apple company has patent lawsuits against several manufacturers of devices using the Google Android operating system from Samsung to Motorola and HTC, but not against Google.

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