‘Alonso is the best driver in the past 20 years’

The former sports director of the Renault Formula 1 team boss Flavio Briatore, Renault’s former athletic director, said the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) “is the best driver in the last 20 years,” in an interview with the satellite channel “Sky Sport 24 “.

Alonso is the best driver in the past 20 years, Renault Formula 1 Fernando Alonso alonso

“He is superior to (Michael) Schumacher, but we are talking about very high levels and the differences are minimal, but make very few mistakes Fernando, even under pressure, and his view of the race is spectacular, “said Briatore, Alonso who agreed with his Renault stage.

According to Briatore, “sometimes the team can make mistakes in strategy and he gets to recover, but when he is ahead, winning races at 90 percent, although the car is not as competitive. He lives and breathes racing use only “.

On the current Formula 1 World, the former director of Renault considered that it is not true that Red Bull is low hours and titrated to Lotus and Sauber, “proof that money does not make a difference.”On the Mclaren explained that “if you can be strong again take many points to Alonso.”

“Ferrari has to improve the car and Alonso must win at least one Grand Prix without Mclaren comes second. Score many many points, but if you do not come first or second you are left with the crumbs, “he added.

On the suspension for the French Grand Prix Romain Grosjean(Lotus) after the accident in Belgium, in which he was involved Alonso, Briatore approved the decision of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). “(Grosjean) used the car as his own, must begin to respect the work of the people because it causes many accidents,” he said.

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