Aena airports reduced to eight operating hours to save

Aena airports reduced to eight operating hours to save, cost Airport Efficiency Plan AenaEight of the 17 airports in the Aena network, those with less than 500,000 passengers, including the Airport Efficiency Plan, and two heliports, begin to adjust operating hours this Thursday.

Specifically, the airports are: Pamplona, Burgos, Vitoria, Logroño-Agoncillo, Huesca Pyrenees, in general aviation Córdoba, Sabadell and Son Bonet, and two heliports Algeciras and Ceuta .

The adjustment does not affect Canada’s airports, San Sebastian and Four Winds, which have not changed its operating schedule.

While in the case of air bases Valladolid, Leon, Badajoz, Salamanca, Albacete and Madrid-Torrejón, the entry into force of the new operating schedule is delayed pending approval by the Interministerial Commission between Defense and Development (CIDEFO ), which, according to AENA, expected  to take place after the summer.

As previously announced Development, is also expected that the operations of civil aircraft flights or business executives in Torrejón de Ardoz be moved to Madrid-Barajas Airport in late 2012.

However, despite changing times, Aena Airports understands that airports and heliports are always operational for emergencies and to transport organs for transplantation, in the same conditions as the present.

This measure will lower work in 185 hours daily in operational services in these facilities, with the goal of reducing by 50% its losses in 2013 and help reduce the debt being accumulated, which is almost 15,000 million euros.

The Minister for Public Works, Ana Pastor, has estimated 50 million euros in savings, achieved by the Airports Efficiency Plan which includes three lines of action.

Among them, the demand adjustment to flight schedules, the adequacy of cleaning, maintenance and security, etc. .. to real needs in several airports combine processes at different levels to harness resources and time flexibility and mobility in the templates.

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