19-year old Iraqi dies in Greece because of racist violence

19 year old Iraqi dies in Greece because of racist violence, Racist violence continues its rise in Greece. A young Iraqi immigrant, 19 years of age died this Sunday after being beaten and stabbed by a group of five attackers. The killers did not want anything material they only confiscated the Iraqi’s life simply because they are of another race.
The portrait referred by witnesses to the crime related to the violent is still unaccounted for. With groups of racists that hit daily to immigrants in Athens, many of these ‘vigilant’ gangs are identified by the media and NGOS as part of the neo-nazi party Golden dawn, a supporter of expelling all immigrants and exists in the Hellenic Parliament with 18 members. The band has denied this and the rest of the attacks Even though some of its members have been arrested for hitting foreigners. Their headquarters is in the Havana neighborhood of Pangrati that have been burned this Monday with an incendiary device.
A week before the start of Zeus Xenios police operation to stem down illegal immigration in Greece, racist violence is growing. Several human rights organizations have denounced the raids where immigrants have been detained 7,500 will increase the risk of beatings from this group. The operation aims to fulfill the campaign promise of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras about illegal immigration .

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