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2017 NFL Draft – Round 1 Reactions

2017 NFL Draft – Round 1 Reactions, nfl draft NFL

Oddly enough, yesterday was one of the premier dates on the NFL calendar even though there is no football being played.   But I fall victim to it as well as I think it’s a lot of fun!  Below are some of my thoughts on the first round.  I think draft grades are silly, especially after the first round when you haven’t seen the team’s complete strategy unfold, as you should wait a few years to see how these players pan out.  However, there are some things I liked, things I didn’t like and some things I found interesting without getting too snap judgy.


Cleveland Browns:

Overall, I liked what they did.  Yes, they still need a QB but Mitchell Trubisky was not worth the  1st overall pick, especially when you consider the alternative in Myles Garrett.  I’m making a bit of an assumption that Trubisky was their guy.  Once he was gone trading up from 12 to draft one of the other 2 qbs would not have been smart just so you can say you drafted a qb.  I am surprised at the next 2 players they chose given their analytical approach.  Both are more projection players so we’ll have to wait and see how they work out.  But given that they have lots of time to develop players they do have time to let them develop so that’s a positive.

Chicago Bears:

It’s a bit of an odd strategy they are implying here.  The signing of Mike Glennon makes a lot less sense now.  I guess what they are hoping for is that he plays well and then they can trade him next offseason when Trubisky is ready to take over.  If that works out then sure, I guess that is a great strategy.  However, I feel this is rather unlikely.  First of all, their receiving core is a mess and now that they’ve traded away their midround picks I doubt this will change.  I feel they should have signed a placeholder qb and either rolled over the $11 million savings to next years cap or signed some other free agents.  The reason they are picking so high is they have holes on their roster.  They are not going to be filled this offseason.  Trubisky might work out and be a franchise altering qb which would be great for them, but it doesn’t mean the process was correct.

San Francisco 49ers

Great on them for picking up 2 mid round picks and still getting the guy they wanted.  You can defiantly make the case that they should have drafted for need a little bit more as their last 3 top draft picks play the same position essentially.  But if it comes together than this isn’t and issue.  As for Reuben foster, he’ll either be a great player or wont be able to get himself together and will flame out of the league.


Jacksonville Jaguars

I am very weary of this pick.  Ultimately, he needs to produce at the level that Adrian Peterson did when he came into the league.  Anything short of that and it’s a mistake – time will tell but that’s a high standard.

Tennessee Titans

I like what they did.  It would have been nice if they could have traded out of that pick but you still need someone to trade up to be able to do that.  Given the run on receivers that happened after, their guy would have been gone by 18.  You can’t fault a team now for taking their guy when the drop off in talent is so large for when they would get to pick again.

 L.A. Chargers

Bit of a luxury pick given the talent they have at WR, but given their needs they could wait until a later round to address and get a similar player.  If they don’t address their needs than maybe something more can be said about this pick.  That said, they must really like Mike Williams or really fear injuries at that position because he really isn’t that much of an upgrade over what they have.  I’m really interested to see what scheme they end up playing.  If it is the Seattle style that everyone says than maybe passing on Malik Hooker will come back to bite them.  But their current personal is more suited for a man scheme, which Hooker would not nearly have the impact in that scheme so that would make more sense.

Carolina Panthers

I’m very concerned with this pick.  I believe that Christian McCaffrey is worth a top 10 pick, but to a team that can maximize his value and I do not believe Carolina’s scheme will do that.  Time will tell if I’m wrong but those are my thoughts.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They have a scary group of skilled position players now especially if they can add a running back in the later rounds.  I expect them to play lots of 21 personal now.  This should simplify the game for Jameis reducing his interceptions as well as really help their running game.  With Jackson and Evens on the outside opposing defenses will be very reluctant to play with only 1 deep safety.

New York Giants

It will be interesting how they deploy him.  The Giants have 3 good wide receivers so you would imagine they’ll want to play 3 wr sets.  Assuming that they go that route, they’ll be asking Engram to be an in-line TE which he is undersized for.  If they detach him the only things they can run are quick strike passing concepts as they otherwise their line will get exposed with no help.

Other Thoughts:

With the depth at corner they really got pushed down.  A lot of offensive and defensive line players went higher than expected.  Makes sense as teams feel they can get a similar player later in the draft.  With multiple teams, I believe using this strategy I expect there to be a run on them in the second round

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the draft plays out!  This will give you a few more clues to the team’s strategy as well up coming plans.  After the draft is complete we can judge the team’s strategy much more effectively

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The Force Up – New Rule That Makes Bid Euchre That Much Less Frustrating

Bid euchre is a great game!  If you like euchre and don’t know what bid euchre is google it.  It is a far superior version and once you start playing it you will never go back to regular euchre.  This post is going to be fairly specific – so I suggest only people that are familiar with the game continue reading.


The Force Up – New Rule That Makes Bid Euchre That Much Less Frustrating, strategy cardsWhat is the force up?


The force occurs when it is your bid and you force your partner to go alone.  Technically it can occur at any time and with any number of assist cards (the cards that are added to the loner player’s hand received from the partner).  However, typically you only see the 3rd or 4th bidding player forcing their partner up.  The reasoning is it is not a good strategy to force your partner up when you have zero idea what is in their hand.


Why is this a great rule?


The easiest way to answer this is to explain how the rule came about in the first place.  I started really getting annoyed when my partner or myself would be first to bid and we had a great hand – so great that we would be a card or two away from a lay down loner.  But because you’re bidding first you have no information as to what is in your partner’s hand so either you must risk it, hoping your partner has it, or not go alone.   Now in a normal situation, mathematically it makes sense to not go alone.  But when your partner did end up having that card it was super frustrating.  So how to get around this is the force up was created which allows your partner to force you to go alone when they have the card they assume you need.  So, this rule really just removes the frustration of this situation.


An example to make sure you’re following


Examples are the best way to fully understand in my opinion so here is one.  Let’s say you’re first to bid and this is your hand.  1x Jack of diamonds, 2x Jack of hearts, 2x Ace of diamonds, 1x Ace of hearts, 1x Ace of clubs, 1x King of spades.  Now that is a great hand.  If you were to try going alone with 2 cards, with diamonds being the suit, you would need your partner to have the jack or diamonds or for the opponent that holds it to have no other diamonds in their hand.  You could try going alone but mathematically you’re better off calling 6 diamonds.  So, let’s say you’re a smart player and call 6 diamonds.  It gets to your partner and they do indeed have the jack of diamonds.  They can force you up with 2, giving you the jack of diamonds and either another trump or an ace and it will be a lay down (no matter what your opponent has they cannot beat you).  If they don’t have that jack then they pass and if you win the bid then you’re guaranteed your 6 points, perhaps more.  So, you’re guaranteed 6-12 points with this rule.  Without it you either are limited to a maximum of 8 points or you could go alone but you would risk going down 12.


All in all, I think it’s a great rule and I’m sure if you start playing with it, you will agree too!  Next time you play go and give the force up a try!

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Building an NFL Team

It’s draft season and with it comes hope for every NFL franchise.  They bad teams are hoping to use the draft to makeover their roster and set them up for future success.  The good teams are hoping to add that one difference maker to put them over the edge and give them a shot at the Super Bowl.  As a fan, it can be tough to take the emotion out of analyzing the moves of your favorite teamBuilding an NFL Team, NFL Draft, but here is a strategy to consider, most of which use cold hard data, before you criticize too much.


Offense over defense – Offensive success correlates more to team wins than defense.  I’ve looked at, what I think, are two of the most important team metrics; DVOA and red zone scoring (TD only).  Both correlate very well to overall team wins and conceptually this makes sense.  What’s nice about these stats is the offensive and defensive contributions can be isolated.  Comparing the offensive and defensive contributions to team wins, both offensive metrics correlate a good amount higher than defensive.  What this means is a team with a good offense should have more wins than a team with a good defense.  A good example of this in action is the most successful team of the current generation, the New England Patriots.  In the recent years that have taken to trading away all their defensive talent.  Yes, there are salary cap considerations but they have retained their offensive talent so it would make sense that they are following this strategy.


Now that’s not to say to only focus on offense and just sign undrafted free agents to play on defense.  What it means is that a team should prioritize having a good offense over having a good defense.  And I would further break it down to be a team should prioritize having a good offense over having a good defense apart from pass rush.  I haven’t looked into the numbers on this to see if this theory actually is valid but I feel the concept behind it is sound.  Assuming a team has adopted the above philosophy it’s unrealistic for them to have a dominate defense.  I believe that if a team puts a few recourses into having a good pass rush and is not absolutely terrible elsewhere on the defense they can be a bend but don’t break defense. The reason this is important is it goes back to the red zone metric described above.  On defense, you want to reduce the amount of red zone TD’s given up per game based on this metric.  I believe that if you have a good pass rush, a team will be able to have a low red zone td percentage which will lead to few red zone TDs conceded.  The reasoning for this is in the red zone the space a defense must defend is a lot less.  With each defender having to defend a smaller zone (assuming zone defense will be played as it is unlikely for a team that doesn’t have great corner’s to be playing man) it should take longer for receivers to get open, allowing more time for the pass rushers to get home.  If you have a good pass rush this should be a recipe for stopping teams once they get to the red zone.


There was a lot of theories and numbers outlined above, but what you should take away from it is if your team goes into this season with a good offense and pass rush, chances are they are going to be in playoff contention.  And as a fan, what more can you ask for!


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Top 5 most dangerous sports:


When entertainment is combined with recreation, vitality and rejuvenation it’s called sports. So are you a sports fan with an athletic bug that is too craved to be calmed down? Does sit not let you sit with ease?

Then go and lift your spirits up. Try out as many sports that you love and as many as you can try out, just  be extra careful when you go with some of the following as they may not look but are terrifyingly the most dangerous sports ever:

  1. So the first on our list comes out to be cave diving. Low light, freezing temperature, limited oxygen and some animals dwelling in the cave may all be along your way when you opt for this sport.
  2. Base jumping seconds our list. This sport is dangerous enough to be compared to an attempted suicide. This illegal sport makes you vulnerable to all kinds of physical injuries. If you survive, you be the king and if give way, you rest in peace.
  3. Let’s put bull riding on the third position. If you’re in a mood for breaking your jaw, knee cap, ribs (especially, when the angry bull steps all over you), you may want to go for the sport. Mr. Bull only with a few jolts may bring you to ground.
  4. So the fourth position is occupied by: cheer leading. Wondering why? Take a look at the stunts they perform. Lifting each other up in the air or performing a jump all by themselves with great calculations. What if they miss one of their calculations landing in a slapdash manner? So obvious, they would “break a leg”.
  5. The fifth most dangerous sport is: football. How come? ER cases report that majority of the patients come with football injury. Of course the injury is that of the lower limb. Most of the people suffer with a broken toe.

So folks, next time you show any of your muscle power in the field, don’t forget to be super cautious about all the sports mentioned above.

MCG, World Cup Final 2015: Can history be repeated for Pakistan?

MCG, World Cup Final 2015: Can history be repeated for Pakistan?, The Melbourne Cricket Ground pool matches ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 February 14 Australia 100 000+ eyewitnesses

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia will entertain us with yet another vivacious finale of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015; a straight 23 years after an overflowing crowd of 100,000+ buffs of cricket extravaganza witnessed the Pakistani Captain Imran Khan lift the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy, 1992. Hopes and anticipations for Cricket World Cup can never precipitate among the Pakistani cricket devotees; now with their propitious cricket ground this finale, cricket fanaticism among the overly obsessed Pakistani cricket fans is crossing the maximum!

The tournament will open on February 14 with co-hosts Australia and New Zealand playing their first pool matches against England and Sri Lanka, cheered by their home crowds.

Pakistan gets access to the picture on February 15, taken on by the defending champions as well as the arch-enemy, India. The aroma of Pakistan vs. India matches has always attracted crowds to an all different extent. Fans pour in from all parts of the world. Stands are set to fire. Cheers, shouts and cries, from all directions, continue to roar up all matches long. This particular battle also expects 100,000+ eyewitnesses. Sad for the well-wishers of Pakistani cricket, India has never lost to Pakistan in any of their five World Cup encounters to date! If this happens again in that match, it would be unfortunate for the moral of Pakistani players. Also, losing the first match has been a bad omen since ages.

LeBron James Leads Miami Heat to its Second NBA Championship

LeBron James Leads Miami Heat to its Second NBA Championship, NBA Finals NBA 2012 Playoffs MVP Miami Heat LeBron James Game 7



MIAMI – NBA team, Miami Heat has won their second consecutive championship in the 2013 playoffs. Their victory was lead by no other that two – time MVP, LeBron James.

LeBron James has been criticized, scrutinized, and even ridiculed for his bold promises when he was welcomed, in an extravagant soiree no less, into the team in 2010. In his speech, he stated that he did not leave Ohio to win Heat a championship. He was there to build a legacy that would beat even that of Michael Jordan’s. Of course, he was also there to lead Miami Heat into a string of victories.

On June 20, 2013, LeBron James played what many consider to be his absolute best in Game 7 of the playoffs. His stats for Game 7 revealed that he scored a total of 37 points, 12 rebounds, five 3-pointers and the shot that sealed the deal for Miami Heat. Some 3 years ago, even the most avid of Heat fans would not have dreamed of James ever delivering to his promises of bringing the team a fist full of trophies. But James has finally delivered.

“They pushed us to the limit,” James said of the San Antonio Spurs.

James gave the Spurs the credit they deserve by saying that the opposing team pushed them to perform their best in all of the 7 games of the 2013 NBA Finals. Shane Battier made six 3-pointers while Dwayne scored 23 points. However, it is LeBron James’ prowess that lead Miami Heat to it second NBA title.

When asked what he had to say about his detractors during his MVP acceptance speech, LeBron only had four words to say:

“I am Lebron James.”

‘Alonso is the best driver in the past 20 years’

The former sports director of the Renault Formula 1 team boss Flavio Briatore, Renault’s former athletic director, said the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) “is the best driver in the last 20 years,” in an interview with the satellite channel “Sky Sport 24 “.

Alonso is the best driver in the past 20 years, Renault Formula 1 Fernando Alonso alonso

“He is superior to (Michael) Schumacher, but we are talking about very high levels and the differences are minimal, but make very few mistakes Fernando, even under pressure, and his view of the race is spectacular, “said Briatore, Alonso who agreed with his Renault stage.

According to Briatore, “sometimes the team can make mistakes in strategy and he gets to recover, but when he is ahead, winning races at 90 percent, although the car is not as competitive. He lives and breathes racing use only “.

On the current Formula 1 World, the former director of Renault considered that it is not true that Red Bull is low hours and titrated to Lotus and Sauber, “proof that money does not make a difference.”On the Mclaren explained that “if you can be strong again take many points to Alonso.”

“Ferrari has to improve the car and Alonso must win at least one Grand Prix without Mclaren comes second. Score many many points, but if you do not come first or second you are left with the crumbs, “he added.

On the suspension for the French Grand Prix Romain Grosjean(Lotus) after the accident in Belgium, in which he was involved Alonso, Briatore approved the decision of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). “(Grosjean) used the car as his own, must begin to respect the work of the people because it causes many accidents,” he said.

Biggest thing to expect this season in F1!

Jean-Eric Vergne is better. Author of a spectacular exit track Sunday in Monza (Italy), the Torro Rosso driver became a scare. “I bruised muscles a little, smiled the French driver. It’s not much, but it hurts a little. “The 22 year old young man is now preparing for the Grand Prix at Singapore (September 23) where he hopes to garner points at the start of the last lap of his first season in Formula 1.

Biggest thing to expect this season in F1!, Jean Eric Grand Prix formula 1

You counted eight points after thirteen GP Is that your target early this season? Jean-Eric Vergne answered “I did not really set targets. I arrived in Formula 1 just waiting to see what would happen. This is a good season, I learned a lot and I take a lot of pleasure. But it’ll take a few years to be at the top of the plateau.

Are you optimistic for the last six Grand Prix? The team is not at the level of performance we expected at the beginning of the championship . I do not think you can expect much more this season even if’m still 110% in every race. We are already working on the next car that I hope we will be able to gain more points with.

Who do you think will win the title this season? Championship is so tight and there are still many races to go so it is very difficult to make a guess. Anything can still happen. But I hope it will be a driver of Red Bull.

Racing-Metro: Chavancy proud to be captain against Bordeaux


Racing Metro: Chavancy proud to be captain against Bordeaux, rugby Chavancy BordeauxPure product sky and white Chavancy Henry has seen it all with Racing Metro : training center, the D 2 Pro, competition among the Chabal, Hernandez or Fall … At 24 years, rugby has always kept his rank, to the point of becoming an indispensable part of Ile XV. This Saturday, the reception of Bordeaux-Begles mark a first for the club of this child.

In the absence of Jacques Cronje, touched the neck against Toulon, Gonzalo Quesada decided to give the armband to his center three-quarters.
“It is a great honor to be captain of this team, said Chavancy. I started racing at 11 years old, if you had told me that one day I would be the captain, I would not have believed it. It is an honor to assume this responsibility. “At the end of the season convincingly, with seven tries scored in the Top 14 and two in the European Cup, the club’s top scorer wants to be more present in the game: “I try to take more responsibilities. I am no longer the youngster of the group I belong to the former and I’ll try to convey my motivation to others. ‘
Model of selflessness and enthusiasm, international player under 20 wants to compete with the big boys of the league : “We are frustrated by our defeat to Toulon. There were three minutes too long and they have been fatal. We can not afford to lose twice consecutively to Colombes. “Chavancy can now enjoy his new responsibilities to lead the way to his teammates.